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V10 pro 64gb 2People joined  русский Romp Yesterday 21:27 528 Romp 1 hour(s) ago
Clone Internal hard disk to external USB HDD 1People joined  Chuwi Hi10 Plus gazzaplus 1 hour(s) ago 00 gazzaplus 1 hour(s) ago
Power cable plug exact specification ? 0People joined  Chuwi Lapbook 15.6 Linal 2 hour(s) ago 00 Linal 2 hour(s) ago
How to stop windows updating tablet 1People joined  Chuwi Hi10 Plus gazzaplus 2 hour(s) ago 00 gazzaplus 2 hour(s) ago
Power supply connection problem 1People joined  Chuwi Hi10 Plus gazzaplus 2 hour(s) ago 00 gazzaplus 2 hour(s) ago
Chuwi no enciende/does not turn on 0People joined  Chuwi Hi10 Plus skorn101 3 hour(s) ago 00 skorn101 3 hour(s) ago
[Request] Hi8 Air Drivers 2People joined  Official Firmware sentinei The day before yesterday 22:51 240 sentinei 4 hour(s) ago
Problema con hi10 2People joined  Español Pezein 13 hour(s) ago 216 manonegra222 7 hour(s) ago
Chuwi surbook mini Not booting up 0People joined  Chuwi SurBook grldsls0629 19 hour(s) ago 03 grldsls0629 19 hour(s) ago
Safe power supply 3People joined  Chuwi LapBook Air GiorgosK Yesterday 08:24 339 GiorgosK 20 hour(s) ago
Hi10 dual OS loading android stuck at Chuwi logo 2People joined attach_img  ...2 Chuwi Hi10 jegetto Yesterday 04:06 1040 jegetto 21 hour(s) ago
[FIX] Black BIOS and no Chuwi logo on boot. 1People joined  Chuwi LapBook Air RedTailSan Yesterday 13:36 128 manonegra222 Yesterday 15:17
Disable soft reset Hardware Key 2People joined  Chuwi Hi12 Dario Yesterday 03:05 239 Dario Yesterday 07:14
External USB-C Hub with Charging capability. 0People joined  Chuwi Hi8 Pro ChiefOtter Yesterday 05:26 022 ChiefOtter Yesterday 05:26
is it ok to install Win10 update on CHUWI Hi10 Pro ? 1People joined  Chuwi Hi10 devil2 Yesterday 02:16 139 Yesterday 03:30
Question to Windows 10 - No bar on right screen/destop side 3People joined attach_img Chuwi Hi10 Plus FallenAngel The day before yesterday 08:15 447 FallenAngel Yesterday 01:22
Bios I2W6_AP135.038 2People joined  Chuwi Hi13 poiuzz The day before yesterday 03:53 670 poiuzz The day before yesterday 06:52
Спецификации Hi9 Air, дата выпуска 0People joined  русский The day before yesterday 05:42 040 The day before yesterday 05:42
How to obtain Win10 product activation key? 3People joined  General doodzilla 4 day(s) ago 374 Motobot The day before yesterday 05:17
Chuwi Hi bricked 0People joined  General poiuzz The day before yesterday 04:07 049 poiuzz The day before yesterday 04:07
HI 10 Pro - Poor wifi quality and Wifi re-init 2People joined attach_img Chuwi Hi10 lesept 3 day(s) ago 347 manonegra222 The day before yesterday 01:42
Chuwi hi13- Keyu adapter wanted 2People joined  Chuwi Hi13 Daniortall 4 day(s) ago 255 MarylandUSA 3 day(s) ago
Hi8 Pro Instalar Win10 tras actualización 3People joined  Español Vival 3 day(s) ago 545 manonegra222 3 day(s) ago
H1 Stylus For HI12 3People joined  Chuwi Hi12 bins 4 day(s) ago 458 Motobot 3 day(s) ago
Can we use Hi13 usb C port export video signal to HDMI?. 2People joined  Chuwi Hi13 Thanh 4 day(s) ago 250 Thanh 3 day(s) ago
TV with HDMI 2People joined  Official Firmware Mare 5 day(s) ago 352 manonegra222 4 day(s) ago
Chuwi Lapbook Air Keyboard Cover 1People joined  Chuwi LapBook Air saurabhbadenkal 4 day(s) ago 11105 manonegra222 4 day(s) ago
Hi10 PQ64G42161100356 2People joined  Chuwi Hi10 Poppy 6 day(s) ago 363 4 day(s) ago
problema micro sd HI12 2People joined  Español edu33333 6 day(s) ago 272 edu33333 4 day(s) ago
March 12 and 13, special prices at the Chuwi store on Aliexpress 0People joined attach_img General Discussion manonegra222 5 day(s) ago 045 manonegra222 5 day(s) ago
How to turn an old Android tablet into a digital photo frame 0People joined  General Discussion jamessmith1996 6 day(s) ago 035 jamessmith1996 6 day(s) ago
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