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Installing high precision touchpad drivers on the Chuwi Hi13 ...2 Chuwi Hi13 urhs 6 day(s) ago 19271 kyle-tablet 22 min. ago
Chuwi Hi10 pro stops charging on 98% General MARIOSGKOR Yesterday 23:31 18 manonegra222 1 hour(s) ago
WARNING! Do not buy CHUWI products ...2 General Discussion 77mik77 Yesterday 01:43 11136 manonegra222 2 hour(s) ago
Hi10 Plus Tastatur Deutsch viruz The day before yesterday 22:41 319 Silvery 3 hour(s) ago
Camera Official Firmware allenm28 3 day(s) ago 160 reno310 3 hour(s) ago
Chuwi Hi Box shutting down Chuwi HiBox Sneaky 5 hour(s) ago 03 Sneaky 5 hour(s) ago
перестала работать камераattach_img русский Drugger2017 7 hour(s) ago 24 Drugger2017 7 hour(s) ago
本版置顶 [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows, Android, Bios, Driver Downloadattachment  ...23456..63 Official Firmware emily 9-5-2016 62991236 WgizmO 7 hour(s) ago
本版置顶 [Official Version][Dualboot] Chuwi Hi8 Pro Windows + Android + Bios + driverattach_img  ...23456..63 Official Firmware emily 4-13-2016 622178337 rafnold 8 hour(s) ago
H1 or H3 Stylus Chuwi Hi12 Arran 4 day(s) ago 353 technisol Yesterday 22:56
Hi10 Pro: Wifi disconnected intermittently ...2345 Chuwi Hi10 taitran 10-17-2016 458315 manonegra222 Yesterday 21:07
dark camera with camera sensor himx2051 Official Firmware mciucci Yesterday 20:42 016 mciucci Yesterday 20:42
Chuwi hi10 plsu camera not working in both os ...2 Official Firmware mciucci 8-29-2017 12291 mciucci Yesterday 20:29
本版置顶 SD Card problem (partially Solved)attach_img  ...2345 Chuwi Hi12 Elle 6-27-2017 433018 William Yesterday 15:04
Installing Phoenix OS on Surbook Chuwi SurBook landonkun Yesterday 14:58 014 landonkun Yesterday 14:58
I can't install windows 10 Chuwi Hi10 Plus rolllooo The day before yesterday 10:01 541 Motobot Yesterday 14:42
Camera Chuwi SurBook clemson86 3 day(s) ago 575 kakan Yesterday 14:09
Chuwi Hi10 Plus SD card issueattach_img  ...2 Chuwi Hi10 Plus olegbilas 9-7-2017 17355 manonegra222 Yesterday 13:24
My Chuwi Hi10 Plus Dead Chuwi Hi10 Plus david7saad 7 day(s) ago 4105 mouaisien Yesterday 11:40
Chuwi HI10 ne démarre plus.attach_img  ...23 Français jfskate 6-28-2017 21338 mouaisien Yesterday 10:09
本版置顶 [Official Version] [4G/64G] Chuwi Hi10 Plus Remix OS, Windows, Bios Downloadattachment  ...23456..36 Official Firmware emily 10-6-2016 35454589 Solarstorm Yesterday 09:20
本版置顶 [Official Version] Chuwi SurBook Windows, Driver, Bios Downloadattach_img  ...2 Official Firmware emily 9-14-2017 16989 Boia11 Yesterday 04:52
power problem with hibox hero General salpap Yesterday 04:01 014 salpap Yesterday 04:01
hibox hero dead as a dodo General salpap Yesterday 03:31 012 salpap Yesterday 03:31
H10 PLUS WIFI PROBLEM Chuwi Hi10 Plus manolis The day before yesterday 08:39 432 manonegra222 Yesterday 03:09
分类置顶 Chuwi responds to the recent Hi 13 charger's heat issueattach_img Chuwi Hi13 emily 9-12-2017 7365 Techdragonz Yesterday 02:46
Which model Screen Replacement for Hi10 Pro Chuwi Hi10 daxxere Yesterday 02:40 011 daxxere Yesterday 02:40
全局置顶 Notice to everyone!attach_img  ...2345 General admin 12-28-2016 4721937 77mik77 Yesterday 02:24
Como pedir la garantia de tu tablet Español Alrex27 The day before yesterday 09:00 340 manonegra222 Yesterday 00:18
SurBook Battery Issue Chuwi SurBook floydwcarter The day before yesterday 12:27 475 emily The day before yesterday 22:16
本版置顶 [Mirror] [Official Version] Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 Windows, Driver, Bios Download Official Firmware Hackerjac 2-9-2017 91777 adindu The day before yesterday 20:44
Touchscreen Fixes for Android/Remix Chuwi Hi12 camgee1 1-4-2017 51517 Darkfinix The day before yesterday 19:36
We want you to share with us your latest SurBookattach_img  ...23 General Discussion emily 9-5-2017 22207 emily The day before yesterday 19:24
BIOS Chuwi HI10 Plus ไทย chanasap 4 day(s) ago 233 chanasap The day before yesterday 18:46
Alternatives to the H3 Pen Chuwi Hi13 dwrz The day before yesterday 17:29 038 dwrz The day before yesterday 17:29
linux on the internal flash of Hi10 Plus z8350 Chuwi Hi10 Plus pearce.hi10 8-30-2017 2142 bbaker6212 The day before yesterday 15:12
touch win10 Chuwi Hi12 vyger 9-10-2017 8132 Motobot The day before yesterday 11:18
chuwi hi12 windws error 0xc000021a Italiano blablata The day before yesterday 01:59 130 manonegra222 The day before yesterday 10:34
error 0xc000021a Chuwi Hi12 blablata The day before yesterday 02:12 327 manonegra222 The day before yesterday 10:28
Phoenix os on chuwi hi13 Chuwi Hi13 lechmipat 8-19-2017 6293 playmo The day before yesterday 10:03
Chuwi warranty and Support talesattach_img  ...2 General Alrex27 7-4-2017 12380 Alrex27 The day before yesterday 08:55
Hi13 BIOS date and time not workingattach_img Chuwi Hi13 mrhansen The day before yesterday 06:27 129 Techdragonz The day before yesterday 08:08
My Camera doesn't work after flash bios, both android and windows10. Official Firmware chanasap 4 day(s) ago 767 chanasap The day before yesterday 03:41
本版置顶 [Official Version] Chuwi Hi13 Windows, Driver, Bios Downloadattach_img  ...23456 Official Firmware emily 4-16-2017 508253 abruptly The day before yesterday 03:29
Polls [Poll][1] Chuwi Customer Service Issue Handling (unofficial) General ZenBalancer 3-25-2017 2692 ZenBalancer The day before yesterday 02:54
ok risolto problema sd card sotto win 10 Italiano vyger 8-7-2017 9251 pacocabo The day before yesterday 02:33
Polls [Poll][1] China's new (real name) rule/law? Chuwi? General Discussion ZenBalancer 8-28-2017 2110 ZenBalancer The day before yesterday 02:20
How to get WIFI working after upgrading to Creator Updateattach_img digest Chuwi HiBox Hackerjac 4-30-2017 91364 CBLuiSo The day before yesterday 02:20
How to flash Android? Tutorial fischerle1975 4-20-2017 4383 ljvtb01 The day before yesterday 02:11
PLEASE HELP TO FIX!! new hi10 wont boot or charge ..only a few days old Chuwi Hi10 kc2koj 4 day(s) ago 154 emily The day before yesterday 01:48
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