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[Vi7] [Official Version] Chuwi Vi7 Android 5.1 and Firmware

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emily|Post time:2-12-2017 04:00:07 View:8003|Reply:23

colinalvin63| Post time 10-16-2016 09:46:28 | Show all posts
Dear Emily,

Please can you provide some basic version information for these flash files.

i.e. Exact Android Version, Kernel Version, Build Number, Baseband Version.

People would then be able to compare it with what they have got already on their Chuwi Vi7 and decide whether to download the files.

Also, can you please indicate how to get the files onto the Chuwi device.

i.e. Do I have to use a flash tool, or is it possible to load them using the boot-loader program on the device ?

Have you got an or update.apk file ?  It would make it a lot easier for your customers if you provided a program to update their firmware and Android operating system automatically, especially since you do not support Over The Air updates.

Also, do you know why the filesystem is read only. Whatever I try in ADB, it doesn't seem to be able to write anything to the system folder.

Also, how do I get rid of the stupid apps that come on the phone, like Tencent Video and the Chuwi App. There are half a dozen Chinese apps that I probably wouldn't use, even if I could talk Chinese. I have to keep removing them every time I do a factory reset and reboot. it's only because of the bugs in your firmware which make the device run out of storage space on a frequent basis that make it necessary for me to do a factory reset. It's so frustrating having to reinstall everything all over again and set up my Google accounts, email etc.

How about Chuwi providing some proper support for a change, so that there is a way around the running out of space problem, and so that the phone doesn't refuse to switch on again - e.g. In the middle of a phone call ?

Thank you,

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Mennel| Post time 12-21-2016 01:46:23 | Show all posts
mouaisien replied at 7-18-2016 05:36
You can find something interesting here, shared by Frisk on french forum (zi ...

Special thanks to mouaisien and friskeucalyptus. I´m not sure how to update my chuwi vi7.
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Mennel| Post time 12-21-2016 05:30:42 | Show all posts
Is there any support for this tablet?
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nobnyas| Post time 2-12-2017 04:00:07 | Show all posts
Thank you for your posting.
Is this contain google play store app?
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