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Hi12 keyboard touchpad issues

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t-bonebl|Post time:6-8-2017 21:16:52 View:22968|Reply:73

Migual12| Post time 12-18-2016 12:49:43 | Show all posts
Kareshnaka replied at 5-19-2016 00:35
work4living, this is the revised script that does not contain the invert two finger scrolling. pleas ...

I put the script in the startup folder but is not executed during startup. If I start the script manually it works perfectly. I also tried to include the script directly into the registry startup but it does not work either. Also I changed it to be performed as administrator which did not help.
Meanwhile I start it manually after booting.
Can someone help?
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sylcat| Post time 5-27-2017 22:41:47 | Show all posts
Is there any solution for the hi13 keyboard?  It has the same problem and this script doesn't seem to work for it.
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likecyber| Post time 6-3-2017 09:36:56 | Show all posts
sylcat replied at 5-27-2017 22:41
Is there any solution for the hi13 keyboard?  It has the same problem and this script doesn't seem t ...

Have you try this? It is made for Chuwi Hi10 Pro and Hi12 keyboards.
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amichael| Post time 6-8-2017 21:16:52 | Show all posts
I have the Hi13, and came across these problems. I use keyboard shortcuts all the time, so it looks like I'll just have to get better at using the top of the trackpad. Either that or I could remap Win+F to Show Desktop.

The Hi13 has the opposite zooming problem: They coded it to press and release LControl and then fire the WheelDown/Up, so all it does is scroll without zooming. These AutoHotKey lines fixed it:
  1. LControl & WheelDown::SendEvent ^{WheelDown}
  2. LControl & WheelUp::SendEvent ^{WheelUp}
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I also use this:
  1. Insert::Delete
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because I never use Insert and I usually attempt to press the top-right key when I want to delete something.

Off-topic, but worth noting: The volume keys are SC12E and SC130, and they can be mapped to do other things depending on what program you're in. For example, I've been using the following ever since the Surface Pro came out in 2013:
  1. #IfWinActive ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1
  2. SC12E::SendEvent ^+{tab}
  3. SC130::SendEvent ^{tab}
  4. SC12E & SC130::SendEvent {F5}
  5. SC130 & SC12E::SendEvent ^{F4}
  6. RButton & SC130::SendEvent !{Right}
  7. RButton & SC12E::SendEvent !{Left}
  8. LWin UP::SendEvent {F11}
  9. LWin & Space::SendEvent {LWin}{LWin}
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Which can make things weird if you're watching YouTube and want to change the volume, but I just swipe from the edge, change the volume, and swipe again.

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