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emily|Post time:17 hour(s) ago View:43080|Reply:212

emily| Post time 3-6-2017 18:39:41 | Show all posts
niddu replied at 3-6-2017 00:24
i think i find out why the tablet does not turn on, power button faulty;
Anyway i still have the sta ...

I think it is the Android software issue. If reinstalling Android can't solve your problem, i don't know how to help you.  There are only two version Android for your tablet. But it doesn't work for your tablet.
Please contact your seller and return tablet for repair.
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niddu| Post time 3-12-2017 23:44:05 | Show all posts
after a lot of tests i still have the power issue on Android.
I don't think is an hardware problem since windows works well.
Is there any BIOS setting related to this that i could try to change?
can you send me the list of settings/values?
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niddu| Post time 3 day(s) ago | Show all posts
is anyone with a working tablet so kind to give me the list of his BIOS settings with some screenshots?
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niddu| Post time 17 hour(s) ago | Show all posts

i have same news, i can say the tablet is not totally dead when i wake it up from sleep, but probably the problem is the screen cannot turn on.
I made a logcat, can you please analyze it and let me know something?!Aooe-rm_7qWihpkZbaX-fP0_MtGaPg
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