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Worst buy of my life

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DiegoG|Post time:2-23-2017 18:36:22 View:418|Reply:7

Dear Chuwi hi 8 pro manufacturers:

        I took the troubles to sign in in your page, just to let you know that you are making a horrible product, I am very unpleased with the purchase I made of the tablet chuwi hi8 pro, I read some reviews before I bought it and I gave your brand a chance and purchase the tablet.

      Since day one, the tablet showed a lot of issues, rebooting every 1 hour or every time I left the wifi open, now 2 months after I bought it, the tablet reboot itself every five minutes, and also, now doesn´t recognize the sd card.

      I have to admit that the screen is very good, but the bad things outweighs the good ones by a lot. primarly, I´m not trying to get my money back. I felt frustrated for all the troubles of my tablet and I thought that a healthy decision was to let you know that you need to improve.


Diego Gajardo


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emily| Post time 7-26-2016 00:34:59 | Show all posts
Hi, DiegoG

I'm very sorry to hear that.
Please try to reinstall the system to see if the reboot problem could be solved.
Could you tell me your serial number of the Hi8 Pro?
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DiegoG| Post time 7-26-2016 17:31:06 | Show all posts
emily replied at 7-26-2016 00:34
Hi, DiegoG

I'm very sorry to hear that.

Hi emily

   Thanks for the quick response, I have not tried yet to reinstall the system, because I don´t know how to do that, mi serial number is Hi8 PQ32G22160309107.

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emily| Post time 7-26-2016 22:50:51 | Show all posts
DiegoG replied at 7-26-2016 17:31
Hi emily

   Thanks for the quick response, I have not tried yet to reinstall the system, because  ...

Which system does the issue occur in?
There is tutorial in forum, you can refer to it.
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MixFix| Post time 8-5-2016 03:59:55 | Show all posts
Hello, Diego!
tell more about your problem, please.
the questions which interest for me are:
1. do You proxy for Your seller, there was could be product after repairing process( i have big experience, then it's possible situation, when broken product selled to other cuctomer). May be You could to send to me photo of disassembled device?
2. when turn-off cause are processed processed? (e.g. when You had connected any external device, such as HDD or hub and any other, or played at any games, etc. And if that true, then: is problem iwas stayed when You had disconnecting it?)
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kshaharudin| Post time 2-23-2017 07:45:40 | Show all posts
Have to agree. Recently bought the Hi12 package (with keyboard and stylus) and the problems are too numerous for me to use the device even occasionally. I need confidence that when i go out i can actually connect to some wifi, or that my connect HDD is not gonna disconnect and corrupt my data, or that the keyboard works to write that important news article, or that i can read the SD card to review journalistic images. Not to mention the whole thing is slow trying to run a ultra hi res screen with an inadequate processor.
oh and dont bother with support or updated drivers.
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ZenBalancer| Post time 2-23-2017 17:07:32 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by ZenBalancer at 2-23-2017 17:08

Wow. I have to "give credit to Chuwi" for not deleting this thread, and instead listening and offering some level of service and improving upon it.

I've witnessed a number of thread deleting practices by other software and hardware brands, deleting anything that could be influential but problematic towards the reputation of the company or their products, especially if it would hurt sales of recent releases. Driven by fear of lost revenue, instead of seeing an opportunity to see the problem and offer public transparency about short term and long term possible solutions.

I also have to give "credit to the OP" for remaining a levelheaded person and communicating the disappointing experience about the product. Because that's not often as easy as it might seem.

I assume the recent admin post about physical hardware problems in EU and Russia could be delegated to a closer-by service center instead of requiring shipping all the way back to China, after determining here and/or by email that that's indeed the necessary possible solution, that this is an improved expansion of the Chuwi service for the brand starting with (probably) "hotspot" continents or countries, and based on the results and the future of the company expanding further when possible. That to offer the seemingly needed additional service that resellers would simply have to forward to anyway past the DOA and the default return-time-window for non-warranty returns. And perhaps even offer an estimation of repair costs before deciding whether it's worth it outside the warranty period.

I think there is also a time-constraint and a language barrier that hamper efficient and effective procedures in at least certain cases.

Users that give up because of increasing delays in responses/communication or necessary efforts on the part of the user to determine each next step, is therefore also a factor. But that could be due to prioritising necessities as well as the above mentioned, it doesn't seem that it has to mean that Chuwi won't or can't help with the problem.

Not deleting this thread is evidence of Chuwi's transparency and commitment to improve the brand however they can. Or at least that's how it seems to me in aggregate of what I've read around. I still have to experience their product and service firsthand myself. At least their commitment to the brand is not what I'm concerned about. My concerns are mentioned where they should be. But I wanted to offer my relevant viewpoint having seen this "unicorn thread". Erased from "existence" like unwanted weed elsewhere, just like that.

Hopefully the quality will only improve with new lessons from practise, better quality control (industry wide issue in software, electronics and assembly) and mutual feedback. I won't expect extended support past the "product class". It's not feasable to have a high level of extended support for older products, not that the posted complains are such cases. I've not gone into further specifics. I think the extent of my viewpoint is enough as a non-emplyee of Chuwi.
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doodzilla| Post time 2-23-2017 18:36:22 | Show all posts
ZenBalancer replied at 2-23-2017 17:07
Wow. I have to "give credit to Chuwi" for not deleting this thread, and instead listening and offeri ...

Yeah that's a positive about Chuwi so far. They don't delete threads. But they do also tend to ignore inquiries by customers A LOT. Not always (as seen in this thread) but A LOT. And customer service interaction is also no guarantee that they will see you through until your problem is solved. Unhelpful vague answers to your questions are common. Also, customer service tends to give conflicting info (my experience with their official facebook page).

But the community is okay. This is the price of choosing cheaper products. It's not for everyone, but some people can manage this kind of tech life. We chose this. As long as we keep on helping each other when we can, our collective Chuwi experience will keep improving.
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