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Hi10 Pro: Wifi disconnected intermittently

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taitran|Post time:8-10-2017 07:04:28 View:7624|Reply:43

Dodson65| Post time 1-5-2017 08:43:32 | Show all posts
Check post #18 in this thread. I have uploaded a driver backup. Did you try it?
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Ysi| Post time 1-7-2017 13:54:57 | Show all posts
kenzotange replied at 1-2-2017 09:57
Does WiFi works properly? Did you test it for a while also far from your router?

Yep , works fine through win10.
i did normal web usage, streaming, DL some prog etc...
works 100 % at 5 meter from my wifi box.

The wifi pwr is far far away of a real 3 antenna PCB you can put in a tower PC ;)
But moving inside my house, it's not worst than my Samsung Galaxy...

I didn't use Android a lot until now.
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Danielegb| Post time 1-11-2017 00:51:26 | Show all posts

Same problem with my new Hi10 Pro. Tried to install driver from link in post #18.
not solved.

WiFi always disconnect intermittently.
On Remix I don't have any problem, only win10.

Is really a bad device :-(

How fix this?
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jumprope| Post time 8-10-2017 07:04:28 | Show all posts
Gang, I was have the intermittent wi-fi issue on my Chuwi Hi12 and it was driving me bananas.  Nothing I did would fix it, and I had resigned myself to resetting the wifi whenever I needed it to work.  Then, this summer, I was traveling and noticed that one hotel's wifi was not dropping!  Hmmm.  Dug around some more and it turns out that being a security-minded fellow, I was using a security protocol that was too intensive for the poor Hi12.  

- On my main router I was running WPA2 Personal (PSK) + AES under Shibby Tomato.
- I daisychained a second router on a new subnet, and enabled WPA Personal (PSK) + TKIP

Result: no dropping!  WPA + TKIP isn't as secure, but at least the Hi12 can handle it.

I will crosspost this to a couple threads as it does seem to be the solution.  Sadly my version of Android on this device still won't keep wifi active in sleep mode, but at least now the connection is not dropping every 5 minutes.
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