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admin|Post time:2-23-2017 07:24:35 View:9601|Reply:25

bluesmanuk| Post time 1-12-2017 10:48:36 | Show all posts
Having tried out the support, I have to say that it is poor.

When asking questions they either refer to this website, despite telling them that necessary information is not here and when asking for procedures for flashing etc they simply state that they do not have the software, despite not asking for it.

It need great improvement if it is to gain the confidence of prospective purchasers.
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marchitecture| Post time 1-19-2017 04:42:54 | Show all posts
Anyone bought their tablet from chuwi official on aliexpress and know the return address, the customer service won't confirm the return address after repeated requests and chuwi customer services here won't tell me either I've had a dead hi10 plus for a month now it only worked for 4hrs the customer service is the most frustrating I've ever encountered
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Jazef1| Post time 2-3-2017 03:35:54 | Show all posts
My Chuwi Hi12 has many issues.
1) sdcard reader or drivers do not work since purchase both in Windows and Android.
2) the USB ports lose power after several minutes causing the transfer of information to USB fail and corrupting USB drivers
3) Touch screen is slow, sluggish and often unresponsive.
4) Android constantly switches itself off and restarts randomly
5) wifi constantly drops out in both windows and Android.

Yes Ive updated all the drivers and even re-installed them. Also have updated the bios for windows and hard reset both Android and Windows to original
Condition and no affect. I'm quite frustrated that nothing works correctly and am absolutely disappointed with the product and service. How about you guys pay me for the loss of use, work productivity and time wasted causing up solutions that don't work for a tablet that is brand new.
I want some  real solutions in a speedy manner or I will be spending all my free time contacting  every media outlet and posting reviews on every site that sells Chuwi advising them of how horrible and inferior their products are and how useless their service is.
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garibola| Post time 2-10-2017 02:22:27 | Show all posts
I have a Hi10 plus. It has been hung on windows and pressed the power button and turned off; I can not now turn it on
Thank you
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datsice| Post time 2-19-2017 06:40:06 | Show all posts
Where are your promised letter, CHUWI? Wrote the form to the service, and they told that will send me an adress, but got nothing!
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kshaharudin| Post time 2-23-2017 07:24:35 | Show all posts
Jazef1 replied at 2-3-2017 03:35
My Chuwi Hi12 has many issues.
1) sdcard reader or drivers do not work since purchase both in Windo ...

i feel yer buddy. i bought the chuwi hi12 package that came with a stylus and keyboard.
like others i get the regular wifi disconnects. worse through android
usb disconnects that can corrupt data means i cross my fingers when transferring from a external HDD.
the machine is darn slow (could be a OS/MS issue)
keyboard is a joke (unresponsive keys, then suddenly just doesn't work anymore)
trackpad is a bigger joke (no dedicated driver but riding off a generic mouse driver with non configurable keyboard shortcuts when you swipe in from top or sides to ACT like a modern trackpad).
no support. old drivers.
first and last time i buy a chinese laptop or tablet.
can't use this for anything serious for fear of losing data\time\money
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