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Did someone find that wireless connection is really slow?

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valox26|Post time:1-25-2017 13:48:11 View:984|Reply:1

I tried many networks, but with all I had this problem. At first I thought it was a problem with the time capsule, but when i activate the old network it do the same, so i try meny other spot but always the same, slow as mud.

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Tooms| Post time 1-25-2017 13:48:11 | Show all posts
I'm not sure if it is global performance issue but it seems related to wifi connection.
I did a factory reset but the issue stay the same.

I succeeded once to have a correct connection very close to the wifi access point (around 30 mbits/s) but trying the same benchmark may be 10mn later it was unusable (less than 1 mbits/s).

Could it be an overheating issue, leading to performance reduction after a delay ?
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