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Hi13 battery and accessories uncertainty

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ZenBalancer|Post time:3-4-2017 18:39:24 View:355|Reply:3

Edited by ZenBalancer at 2-25-2017 05:05

TLTR; battery:
Hi13: 74Wh (10,000mAh x 7.4V), Chuwi: 8hours general use, 4hours video?
Hi12: 40.7Wh (11,000mAh x 3.7V), Chuwi: 8hours general use (some reviews confirm, some say 4-6hours), 4hours video.

I just searched around and can confirm (Update: readjusted) the difference and meaning of the different units of electricity characteristics of the batteries, to know how the Hi13 actually has an improved battery in at least one regard compared to the Hi12.

Update: although both the Hi12 and Hi13 have lesser video playback time of approximately 4 hours on a single charge compared to the 4-5:15 hours on the Surface Pro 4, and much lesser than the docked Surface Book which has an extra battery and dedicated Nvidia GPU in the keyboard dock: up to 12-16 hours general use docked, but only 3 hours undocked, but that should be compared to the 8 hours general use advertised by Chuwi for the Hi12 and Hi13. Although the highly anticipated release of Surface Pro 5 in Q1-Q2 this year, and that of the Surface Book 2 also this year, could both change the 2in1 market landscape or prices and "expectation standards". So would the response from other mid-end competitors.End of update paragraph.

Hi12 has 11,000mAh (milli Amperes per hour) but at 3.7Volts, which should mean less power per hour in total than the 10,000mAh at 7.4Volts battery of Hi13.

The Hi12 has 11Ah (Amperes per hour)  x 3.7Volts which equals 40.7Wh which means it can sustain 40.7Watts of electricity for one hour. So the Hi12 video playback test sustained for 4 hours, means the Hi12 video playback costs 40.7Wh ÷ 4 hours = 10.2Wh (rounded up). So for video playback it uses approximately 10.2Watts at any moment on average during the 4 hours. I assume the test doesn't use Wi-Fi for the playback, but a local video file. Chuwi advertises an 8 hour general use. Reviews show an effective 4-6 hours of general productivity and entertainment use, which includes regular Wi-Fi use (although not for 4 hours of uninterrupted video playback) and peak performance at times.

For the Hi13 on the otherhand: with 10,000mAh so 10Ah x 7.4Volts = 74Wh. Which means approximatly 18.5Watts is used at any given moment on average during local file video playback for the 4 hours test. Speculated, including some deduction, the difference in more use of electricity comes from the bigger screen and a bit more performance perhaps. Chuwi advertises also for the Hi13 an 8 hour general use on a single charge. Effective numbers could probably be comparable to the 4-6 hours like the Hi12.

Which would explain how the Hi13 with the substantially bigger 13.5"/inch ("retina") screen with higher resolution (267PPI) has the same approximated ON-time on a single full charge compared to the 12"/inch Hi12 with lesser PPI (about 216 pixels per inch). It does suggest that the Hi13 components tend to use more power for the portion of performance bump compared to the Hi12.

Although there is a difference in charging as well, like Hi13 has a 2A 12Volt DC charger, while Hi12 has a 3A 5Volt DC charger. But I didn't compare the charging speed, and frankly I don't mind for this price for now. Although the Hi13 charger outputs more power, the battery it's charging is bigger, so charging time remains comparable perhaps (uncalculated assumption).

So the battery (still) shouldn't be a big issue for anyone interested in a as-cheap-as-possible (ACAP) Surface Book alternative or a bigger screen and  cheaper Surface Pro 4 alternative. Especially if you were happy with the Hi12 but want a bigger screen now, ACAP and ASAP in the current market. Of course for lower workloads; less demanding use-cases, for the lack of a better CPU, SSD instead of eMMC and no additional GPU in the keyboard dock. It is after all a (proportionally?) cheaper new alternative.

I think the marketing team responsible for putting the battery specs in understandable terms and images, didn't understand or neglected to communicate what the battery specs exactly mean. To clarify clearly the improvement of Hi13 over the Hi12. So with this post I hope to have clarified that the reasoning of the other user, wasn't based on a better relevant understanding of the battery difference. Although for users who gotten used to or expect dual boot between Windows 10 and Android, it can still be a dealbreaker for the Hi13 not offering that out-of-the-box. At least it shouldn't be about an incomplete battery comparison.

That aside for a moment, I have a different reason for not pre-ordering. There are many 2-in-1s even if not with such a big screen at such competitive price. But without the Hipen H3 with its 1024 levels (like Surface Pro 4) of pressure sensitivity (256 levels for HiPen H1, which remains compatible), and the keyboard with the full USB ports, both should have been possible to add to the preorder as well, because without them I wouldn't feel reassured I would have the complete package that I want. That I wouldn't be able to get those accessories anywhere else, because of the relative niche interest by other manufacturers, unlike up to this day still available Surface Pro (1st gen) pens (also 256 levels just like Surface Pro 2 and 3) on eBay.

I know the Hipen H3 is declared to be available soon. But why not also with the keyboard available for preorder if certain both works well and will be available for (pre-)ordering? So because of that, I'm tending to wait for now.

So the pre-ordering counter on the GearBest Hi13 page can be showing less interest because of either misinformation, unclear expectations of performance and/or quality and availability and price of accessories, on top of some negative feedback by some customers of GearBest in general. I have a good experience with GearBest. Just be sure to read their FAQ to adjust your expectations. Like for returns. If something isn't their fault or no DOA, you will have to pay shipping back and won't be reimbursed for shipping costs. Which is totally understandable. Amazon market sellers also offer limited return policies that depends on the reason for returns, otherwise they would go out of business.

I hope my feedback was helpful, and that Chuwi improves their "presentations" and the completeness of their offerings.

Hi13 availability anouncement thread:
Or ... a=page%3D1&mobile=2

Hi12 Specs (see "General" section details)
Or ... dex/Chuwi-Hi12.html

Hi13 Specs (not yet on the Chuwi website, so see that they refer in the anouncement thread to GearBest for details, see "General" section after opening up the "Description" section)
Or ... -pcs/pp_557447.html

And google: mAh to Wh calculator online

Disclaimer: it's possible I too again made a mistake in my reasoning and/or calculation. Aside language issues.
EDITS: a number of (important) corrections and some improvements.


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doodzilla| Post time 2-22-2017 20:59:35 | Show all posts
nice one

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ZenBalancer| Post time 2-23-2017 05:47:33 | Show all posts

I actually had to correct a mistake I made in assuming the 8 hours advertised by Chuwi to be video playback. Video playback advertised for Hi12 turns out to be only 4 hours. So I corrected my post also based on that information.
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doodzilla| Post time 3-4-2017 18:39:24 | Show all posts
I also heard that Android boot on the Hi12 drains battery 2x more than the Windows boot. I wonder if this is true.
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