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Hi13 DCMissues: Design, Components & Manufacturing

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ZenBalancer|Post time:2-25-2017 01:20:16 View:160|Reply:3

Edited by ZenBalancer at 2-25-2017 04:01

Please reference or report any known issues about the Hi13. The idea is to focus a thread on a specific design, component and/or manufacturing issue and reference to Chuwi staff.
Update: I think driver and firmware issues are not a DCMissue, but a support issue. For instance when a Windows update breaks something on the Hi13 specifically, at least 1 year or more compatibility support should be offered by default. And 2 years or more for Chuwi's premium class products. But it's only a hopeful expectation. We will notice their priorities and feasable models organically. I'll set a separate abbreviation for one or two additional main categories in a sperate thread. End of update paragraph.

It might be a bit more efficient instead of many individual tickets that don't have a common place to keep the relevant info central. An issue tracking system would have been preferred instead of an organic FAQ system alone (myPhpFAQ system alone is inadequate, which is a sperate system from this forum), which is too broad and can be about any difficulty that would not be a manufacturing, component or design issue of the Hi13.

So maybe to keep the posts about multiple issues  grouped together using this forum thread, let's use "tagging" by using a convention, since this forum system doesn't seem to support tagging. And the FAQ system doesn't support easy discussion about the issue.

The convention can be to start the post or paragraph with for example Hi13issue#<number>:

So when searching through the thread with the "tag" all relevant references and feedback can be listed. In theory. But I've not tested it.

The search engine doesn't index posts content so that includs "Hi13issue" but can find the thread topic with "hi13 dcmissue" (without quotes) in this case. So that forces me to give each possible issue its own thread. Perhaps that keeps the issues focused. And resolved issues could be marked in the subject with the prefix (Resolved).
And to keep the threads marked clearly from general issues, I suggest the abbreviation in the new thread subject.

For example: (Resolved) Hi13 DCMissue#1: touchpad small and inaccurate.
Which could happen in its successor model perhaps.

Just to sperate general issues from DCMissues. And group and reference DCMissues to Chuwi staff via search results for instance. As fundamental problems or mistakes, not things that can be fixed with software (settings) or fiddling.

EDITS: update and improvements.


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ZenBalancer| Post time 2-24-2017 09:19:19 | Show all posts
Edited by ZenBalancer at 2-24-2017 10:11

Moved the first example to its own thread: ... ;highlight=Dcmissue
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doodzilla| Post time 2-25-2017 01:19:44 | Show all posts
Nice initiative, man. I'll try and follow this too. Since you invested much effort already and all.
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doodzilla| Post time 2-25-2017 01:20:16 | Show all posts
I have a few DCM ideas as well.. Hmm..
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