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[QC][Poll] Hi13 Palm Rejection

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ZenBalancer|Post time:2-26-2017 13:56:16 View:172|Reply:0

Edited by ZenBalancer at 3-4-2017 10:50

This aspect is of importance to me, but I don't know yet if it's a (potential) [Open] DCMissue. If it is such, depending on the result of the poll, then I'll change the thread title to reflect that.

Please choose what applies to you or according to a review: please reference the review with a reply including what you voted on that basis.

Please also post any relevant suggestion if you know a relevant missing polling option.

If you want to change your vote, please reply to let us know that the poll needs reinterpreting. If enough want to change their votes, then a new poll can be created for a new snapshot, if needed.

Some of these poll options are based on feedback about Hi12.
But this poll is about the Hi13 Palm Rejection quality.
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