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Tweak: Remove metal bar in lapbook 14.1

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marrowmonkey|Post time:3-11-2017 02:28:26 View:322|Reply:3

Anyone who has opened up their lapbook has probably noticed the big and heavy metal bar below the keyboard.

I removed mine two weeks ago and my conclusion is that it's not really needed. It's not necessary as a counterbalance nor does it appear to add much extra stiffness. It does add about 12% total weight, so not insignificant. My guess is that Chuwi added it only to make the lapbook feel more expensive, i.e. psychological marketing reasons: a heavy machine "feels" more solid and expensive. Would have been nice with more battery instead if that's the case, but maybe there wasn't room for that. Anyway, if you commute with your lapbook like I do, you can reduce the weight of your bag by about 160 gram (5.6 ounces) by removing it (about 12% of total weight of the lapbook). But do it at your own risk of course, and maybe be extra careful not to bend it afterwards .

Anyway, I'm still very happy with mine. Now even more lightweight.

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deejay1963| Post time 3-9-2017 08:49:08 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
make sure your lapbook does not topple over often, when you fold the screen too far. the iron bar is added as counter balance, as the screen part is far heavier than the keyboard part.
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marrowmonkey| Post time 3-10-2017 07:25:43 | Show all posts
You're wrong, that it was a counter balance was my first thought as well but after removing it it's obvious the keyboard part is heavier than the screen, it won't tip over if you extend the screen to the max or even if you tilt the whole machine even further.
My second thought was that it's necessary for stiffness/strength but that doesn't appear to be the case either, although that is harder to prove and somewhat subjective. If that was the main reason for adding it, it should have been mounted with more than two screws and ideally been a metal piece with a different profile, for example an L shaped bar is much stiffer than a straight bar.
I removed mine a few weeks ago and haven't noticed any problem because of it. Just a tip for those who like lightweight gear.
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deejay1963| Post time 3-11-2017 02:28:26 From the mobile phone | Show all posts

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