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[CM13]Marshmallow 6.0.1 for Chuwi HI8 Pro

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Fernando823|Post time:6-4-2017 19:06:04 View:2769|Reply:13

Fernando823| Post time 3-19-2017 08:39:15 | Show all posts
Localhorst86 replied at 3-19-2017 06:20
Has any of you tried to ROM? The author is looking for feedback concerning screen mirroring. So far  ...

I have installed it. I am glad we finally have some roms for our Chuwi!
My findings:
-Screen mirroring does not work for me with my Chromecast 2, it simply disconnects
-[minor] When I uninstall an app the screen stays empty
-[minor] There are some texts in german.
-My main concern is Standby battery. Even without Wifi, using greenfy, DS battery... it drains about 8% per hour. Definitively worse than stock

With the battery issue, it is not usable for me, but I am confident that next versions could be better than Stock
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tki70| Post time 4-5-2017 10:27:22 | Show all posts
Edited by tki70 at 4-5-2017 10:32

One german guy installed CM13 on its HI8 pro. Find the link (in german) below.

I Am a Swiss guy Yes, we Speak german, many germans thinks, its not a Language what we speak
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sinqbad| Post time 6-4-2017 18:15:04 | Show all posts
Trying the ROM now. It's a little bit buggy with the on screen buttons. Right now can't get my wifi to work either, which is fine because I only use it for reading but wifi would be nice.
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sinqbad| Post time 6-4-2017 19:06:04 | Show all posts
In addition, I can't access the file system from the computer. So I can't transfer files to the tablet whatsoever, either through network or usb.
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