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Hi10 PRO HQ64 TF card not working, any new solutions?

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kingracer|Post time:Yesterday 09:12 View:262|Reply:15

Degriz| Post time 5 day(s) ago | Show all posts
Hackerjac replied at 3-15-2017 14:07
I don't really belive its a driver issue, it works for some and not for others, how can that be a  ...

Yeah, I'm not sure its a driver issue either. On my tablet it worked when I first got the tablet. then spent couple of months with the tablet in android and when I booted back to windows it no longer works.

I also have a vague memory of a post claiming that it had something to do  with the exe used to fast switch from windows to remix os back on my older version of this tablet but, on my new version I've never used that app so I doubt thats it either.

My bets are still on a firmware issue. I know that linux ignores bios for hardware settings not sure whether this is also true for uefi firmware but it may be as everyone seems to report it working in android.

I just uninstalled the driver and tried the trouble shooting option in control which reports a problem with the driver but seems to be unable to fix and yet when I try updating the driver it claims the latest version is installed. very strange. always found working with microsnot stuff very frustrating why I don't use it much.

In my experience trying to talk to microsoft in any other way other than forum without being some kind of partner(msdn,technet) won't get you any where.
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Degriz| Post time 5 day(s) ago | Show all posts
Just found this.....

SD card is not detected (software)

This is an on-going problem that seems to be plaguing a lot of Cherry Trail devices. It could be a Windows issue (update KB314935 related?), it could be a faulty driver issue, it could be an hardware issue. I guess nobody really knows and the manufacturers keep silent.

Note: It almost certainly is NOT an issue with your type or brand of SD card or how it is formatted, although I'm not saying your card couldn't be faulty.

Partial fix:

In the Bios go to Advanced > System Component and change OS IMAGE ID to Windows.
Then right above that change MS Custom Sdbus Driver to Enabled. Make sure you save your Bios changes.

Then back in Windows 10 go to Device Manager and see if SD Storage Class Controller is properly installed and working:

SD Storage Class Controller
If you need drivers, I uploaded them here: SD Card Drivers. Right-click SD Storage Class Controller and select Update Driver Software... then Browse my computer for driver software and select the folder with drivers you downloaded.

With this change the SD card reader seems to work fine for a while but once you boot into Android it might be faulty again, sometimes even rebooting into Windows doesn't make it work 100% of the time.

Options to explore:
Chuwi has released a bios update that's meant to fix the issue but it really doesn't do much for me.
Using the May bios also seems to break the Bluetooth on Windows (if you didn't update to version 1607 that is) and the card is still not properly detected. If you want to try this bios and still have working Bluetooth you can check this thread on the Chuwi forums by user Loz.

So it seems this is a software issue. I've read on several forums that the firmware changes fixed it for some users unfortunately didn't help me. Also please note that this was from a post about the Hi8 here's the link in case you want to read it there's some useful info in there...
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Degriz| Post time 4 day(s) ago | Show all posts
Well I actually manged to get the sdcard workning again in windows, but its not stable. Windows managed to start the driver properly once or twice last night but couldn't find a filesystem on the card and kept asking me to format it. What I did was put the card into a usb adapter to check whether it was still working, which it was, I then put the card back into the slot and hey presto windows saw it. I rebooted and windows again couldn't start the driver (error code 10).

Today I thought I'd give one more go to get it working, nothing I tried worked. I then thought what I would do is boot into safe mode remove all the drivers and try and install some different ones. Whilst attempting to reboot to safe mode I had to find a keyboard to hit the right key and it seems it timed out and reset back to windows but, the tablet took a long time to reboot and when the Chuwi logo came up there was a circle of dots rotating next to it. When it finally rebooted windows saw the sdcard fine and it work correctly. On the next reboot the sdcard again wouldn't work so I went to the firmware and I thought it might have something to do with the fastboot options but when I looked they were disabled so I enabled and rebooted. Hey presto the sdcard was working, just to make sure every thing was fine I rebooted again and this time the tablet wouldn't boot at all the ChuWi logo would come up, go away and come back again over and over. I thought I'd bricked it some how. I turned the table off by holding the power button, plugged a keyboard in powerd it back on and went back into the firmware to turn fastboot off again. Tablet booted, Phew, took a little while again that circle of rotating dots was there and when the tablet went to windows it also had a circle timer thing and wouldn't you know it the sdcard worked. So once more I rebooted and this time started android (CM) and then booted back to windows and of course the sdcard wasn't working anymore.

I can't replicate any of this I've tried everything that made it work for a while and now it just won't work again.

I don't know where this leaves me, whether its drivers or firmware or perhaps both, I know one thing its most definetly a windows 10 problem. Nothing new learnt there.

One thing I have learnt that this is fixable, I just haven't found out how......

May try going back to a previous build as I found a post that hinted it may be a problem with a windows update, I've tried uninstalling the but after waiting a couple of hours windows reboots and the bloody update is still there.

If I find anything I will post it.
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kingracer| Post time 3 day(s) ago | Show all posts
Degriz replied at 3-19-2017 09:24
Well I actually manged to get the sdcard workning again in windows, but its not stable. Windows mana ...

That's a ton of text Thank you for your information and detailed explnation of your method. I've tried to reinstll both OSes for a few times but it didn't work... But when it happened for the first time i've reinstalled Win10 with original Microsoft ISO and then i've installed CM12.1 and sdcard worked for me for a while pretty well but for make it work in both OSes i should completely turn off my device and then boot it up with OS that i need. Then i've tried to install RemixOS and it broke forever So now i'm searching for working conditions too but i don't think it's possible to fix because a few times when windows tried to work with card it just stops in a few minutes.
Anyway, thank you, and keep trying!
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Degriz| Post time The day before yesterday 11:10 | Show all posts
kingracer replied at 3-20-2017 06:32
That's a ton of text  Thank you for your information and detailed explnation of your method. I'v ...

Thanks, I will keep looking for a solution.

What I've found now is that the card won't work in Windows if I've rebooted from CM 12.1 to windows but if I leave the tablet off for a couple of overs and boot into windows 10, so far anyway, it seems to work. Now I don't use windows very much so I don't know if after a while it will just stop working.

There is a fundimental difference between how the Linux kernal and windows handle hardware. My understanding is that windows very much relies on the bios/uefi where as Linux does not, at least it didn't back a fews now when I used to mess with Linux kernel alot. So i may be a problem with the way these to OS's interact with initializing hardware.

Anyway I'll post here if anything changes
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kingracer| Post time Yesterday 09:12 | Show all posts
Degriz replied at 3-21-2017 11:10
Thanks, I will keep looking for a solution.

What I've found now is that the card won't work in Win ...

After my first flashing CM12.1 Windows was working with sdcard pretty well if i turn the tablet off and then choose windows from boot menu, however if i rebooting from cm12.1 - sdcard didn't worked. Now, after a lot of reflashings of both OSes - sdcard working only in CM12.1 but windows cant see it at all, but my main OS should be exactly Win, so i'm keep trying to fix it with different drivers and so on everyday... And also, if i'll find the solution - i'll post it here too, thank you
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