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Tablet Stands Recommendation Thread

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doodzilla|Post time:4-14-2017 10:21:26 View:62|Reply:2

Which third-party tablet stand or what kind of tablet stand do you use or recommend for fellow Chuwi customers, forum members, and enthusiasts? Share here. :-)

For Chuwi Lapbook users, I recommend either the Roost Stand or the Stand Apart stand: portable ergonomics for prolonged use. ... p;ie=&oe=#spf=1 ... p+stand&spf=181

For Chuwi Tablets/2-in-1/Laplets users, I recommend the Plinth stand: 5 multi-angle universal stand that opens up from a one-button package as compact as a cellphone. ... nth+stand&spf=1

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Motobot| Post time 4-13-2017 20:14:53 | Show all posts
I use that tablet stand.
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ZenBalancer| Post time 4-14-2017 10:21:26 | Show all posts
Edited by ZenBalancer at 4-25-2017 15:02
Motobot replied at 4-14-2017 05:14
I use that tablet stand.

Motobot's probably is lighter, but the design takes more space on the table. I use this one on a smaller table that also has a monitor in the back of the table: ... od_pi?ie=UTF8&psc=1

@All, the downside of integrating any kickstand design: ... 21898&fromuid=19651

Update: and the most fundamental difference between Laplets vs Tabtops remains unavoidable thus far:

Both 2in1 designs require thus far a stand for multi-angles portrait-mode on the table. While Laplets gives the additional freedom of lap-mode "anywhere". See that thread.
Reply button? Then forum also lists for a response, @username doesn't.
Chuwi? Time-constrains.
3: 1+1+1 Links: Laplets vs Tabtops + is Chuwi good or bad? + After-sales?
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