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Chuwi Hi13 Compatible Powerbanks&Chargers

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Techdragonz|Post time:9-6-2017 03:21:29 View:6588|Reply:84

ZenBalancer| Post time 7-13-2017 06:33:38 | Show all posts
The recommended aukey charger and same brand c to c cable works great! Exactly what it supposed to do and without overheating the charger in contrast to almost hot Surface Pro 1 chargers. Nice long cable doesn't slow down charging at all. I don't notice anything bad with this. And I get 2 year warranty via and So I registered.
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AZ1101| Post time 7-15-2017 11:09:42 | Show all posts
Interesting thing I noticed regarding Xiaomi charger and Chuwi Hi13 - if I plug the charger when tablet is down and then boot it, the power meter shows that tablet gets good charge and I see that battery level is creeping up. However, if I connect the charger when Chuwi is up and running, it DOES NOT register that charger is connected and does not charge! Some USB-PD negotiation does not happen when charger is connected when tablet is running... Do I have a bad charger or something is wrong with the tablet/Windows 10 SW?
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Techdragonz| Post time 7-16-2017 01:46:38 | Show all posts
Uhm, I don't have that issue lol...
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bloticas| Post time 7-16-2017 23:04:44 | Show all posts
AZ1101 replied at 7-15-2017 11:09
Interesting thing I noticed regarding Xiaomi charger and Chuwi Hi13 - if I plug the charger when tab ...

What happens to me happens to you. If I put a cargor USB-PD does not trade and do not charge. If I put 12V directly if it charge.
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AZ1101| Post time 7-17-2017 20:11:41 | Show all posts
OK, after some trials and tribulations with various chargers, as well as reading some horror stories ( ... el-usb-type-c-test/) and going through very thorough reviews (mostly - negative! ) of USB-C components on the market today - ... ;ref_=cm_cr_rdp_pdp, I decided to go with the "low-tech" solution.

So, the problems that most readers try to address are (a) the charger that comes with Chuwi Hi13 is too bulky, and (b) the need for a back-up charger in case the original one stops working. My solution to this problem comes in two pieces:
1. A 12V 2A small size power adapter: ... 0?ie=UTF8&psc=1
2. Barrel connector to USB-C adapter: ... 0?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Basically, this solution is similar to the one that comes in the box (dumb 12V power adapter with USB-C terminal), but much smaller and lighter. Working fine, charges my Chuwi as fast or faster than the original brick.

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bloticas| Post time 7-18-2017 00:15:32 | Show all posts
That's the same thing I've done. But I would like to know what happens.
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masshuu| Post time 8-1-2017 15:35:06 | Show all posts
Strangely, in the end I pumped for the Xiaomi charger, with express shipping, and it does not work at all. I have a dead tablet and no way to charge it.
Gear best are being very difficult with all of this, basically no help, just offered me a discount on a future order.
Is there any reason the Xiaomi charger doesn't do anything? No red light. Could it be the usb c cable?
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amichael| Post time 8-3-2017 10:50:58 | Show all posts
Anyone reading this should take note: Putting 12 V directly into a USB line can ruin the chip. That's what we're seeing more and more of recently.

Doesn't Xiaomi use Quick Charge? If so, it won't charge this.
Otherwise, if you've used the charger that came with the Hi13, there's a chance you've damaged the USB port and no Power Delivery chargers will work, either.
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makoton| Post time 8-7-2017 03:19:51 | Show all posts
RAVpower 26800 works, but not 12V 2A, 20V 1.2A.
Anker PowerPort+5 USB-C is same.
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dudes| Post time 9-6-2017 03:21:29 | Show all posts
Edited by dudes at 9-6-2017 03:22


Just found this power bank

USB Type C Power Bank, iVoler 10000mAh External Battery Pack (Type C Fast 3A IN/OUT Charging) for Google Pixel/Pixel XL, LG G5, MacBook 12 inches, iPhone, iPad, Samsung & more

(UPDATED VERSION: This Power Bank is now able to recharge by using the Apple 29W USB-C PD Charger) TRUE TYPE-C FAST 3A INPUT & OUTPUT: The first ever external battery charger with USB-C/Type-C. Use it to quickly recharge the external battery, or to power the latest computers and smartphones and smart wearable devices with USB-C/Type-C ports.
DUAL USB PORT: One USB Type C Port that supports up to 5v 3a. Also included one USB-A Port with smart auto detect technology which charge up to 5v 2.4a maximum for other non Type C devices.

RAPID RECHARGE: Even with a huge 10000mAh battery, It only takes 3.5 hours with a compatible 5v3a Type C Charger.

TYPE C Compatible devices:- Google Nexus 6P/ 5X, Apple New Macbook (2015) 12 inches, Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL, OnePlus 2, Google Chromebook Pixel.

WHAT YOU GET: iVoler TYPE C Power Bank, One USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable (with 56K ohm resistor which is compatible with any old USB Charger), One USB-C to C Charging Cable.

What do you think guys?
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