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Chuwi Hi13 Compatible Powerbanks&Chargers

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Techdragonz|Post time:11-7-2017 13:37:17 View:6636|Reply:84

amichael| Post time 9-7-2017 08:38:20 | Show all posts
It sounds like it only does 5V. It won't work on the Hi13. (Also won't work with the Nintendo Switch while playing, but I don't know if that interests you.)
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dudes| Post time 9-7-2017 23:42:23 | Show all posts
Thanks! So I think this should work then.. ... -HUB-p-1112667.html

Especificación general:
Marca: Xiaomi ZMI
Modelo: QB820
Capacidad: 20000mAh
Peso del producto: 405g
Dimensiones: 160.4 * 81.4 * 21mm
Parámetros técnicos:
Tipo de batería: Baterías de litio
Entrada: 5-20V Max 45W
Salida: MAX 45W
USB-C 5-20V MAX 40W
USB-A 2 * 5V 2.4A, 9V 2.4A
12V 1.5A MAX 18W
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arcturus| Post time 9-8-2017 11:31:13 | Show all posts
Here's another wall charger that works for me. Reasonably priced and it has US, UK, EU & AU plug adapters too.

Sadly no supplied male to male USB C cable so I went for this one.

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amichael| Post time 9-9-2017 05:34:14 | Show all posts
Has anyone actually inspected the line and verified that it needs to be exactly 12 V? I have no idea how many adapters support 12 V, but it seems like every USB PD (that is, not only QC or 5 V) charger has worked so far. I'd like to know if the Hi13 is actually capable of converting from 15 V.
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Techdragonz| Post time 10-28-2017 08:37:45 | Show all posts ... html?rmmds=preorder

This one supposed to work as well and is way cheaper.  Current price is 9.61 Euro!

Check out this post for entering a giveaway:
I'm not weird. I'm limited edition | I'm glad to be of your service | Contact me if you need any help
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tigerduck| Post time 10-28-2017 09:18:25 | Show all posts
RAVpower 26800 USB PD; Amazon (Price: 51,99GBP) RECOMMENDED*
Works perfectly, Charge monitors say it charges at the same rate as the original charger which will be 12V 2A. It went from 80 to 90 in 20 minutes.

Thank you, I have just ordered this on amazon, gave the first one i bought away to a friend - a great power bank but not for the Hi13 (Anker PowerCore 26800).

Now if I could just find a fix for the really poor touch pad on the detachable k/board I would be a really happy bunny (currently using the synaptic drivers)

Thanks again for the research you did on the power bank issue.

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MemberChuwi| Post time 10-29-2017 04:17:16 | Show all posts
'Supposed to work' sounds not too convincing.

Such a cheap thing is more supposed to be prone of general electric issues like bad mains insulation, overheating and the like... but well, if PD works, does it?

I personally would not even consider it without explicit confirmation that it charges the larest generation Hi13. Return of such items via import platforms gets quickly uneconomic...
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Hawkwind2005| Post time 11-7-2017 06:39:19 | Show all posts
Hi Techdragonz, just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your hard work and research. I managed to destroy my original mains charger and had a hard time trying to replace it until I found this thread. I got the "USB Type-C, Anker Premium 5-Port 60W USB Wall Charger" from Amazon but for some reason this didn't work for me. I returned it and got the Ravpower powerbank instead - this worked instantly and I'm using it right now. It's taking me from a completely drained battery to full power in three hours and I'm working on the tablet at the same time. Great bit of kit, all leads provided, you just need a 5V phone charger or Type-C AC adaptor to charge it. It also happily operates like a wall charger. I'm now continuing an otherwise very happy experience with the Chuwi Hi 13. Thanks again, you're a star!
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MemberChuwi| Post time 11-7-2017 13:30:16 | Show all posts
I wonder which Hi13 Version you are using.

The RavPower 26800 Battery definitely did NOT charge my Hi13, I've had ordered one and had to return it...

However, I use an Aukey PD charger that works well. But again the 12V@2A model didn't work, just the bigger one supporting 12V@3A.

I'm still in doubt why I experienced this.
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gumi| Post time 11-7-2017 13:37:17 | Show all posts
You can always use QC 2.0/3.0 trigger (8-9$) if the power bank/charger supports QC 3.0. It should give 12V but unnecessary 2A. I think it's better than nothing because it's hard to find working PD device: that's rather new technology and prices are high.
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