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Hackerjac|Post time:6-17-2017 08:45:10 View:2594|Reply:31

Hackerjac| Post time 5-29-2017 21:00:07 | Show all posts
sorry, i don't know, doessent use Android much
I do NOT work for Chuwi. Please DO NOT pm or email me with problems you may have!
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mrmd95| Post time 6-17-2017 08:45:10 | Show all posts
Motobot replied at 5-11-2017 04:20
Hello M.Duvivier,
If you want to reduce Windows partitions you should reflash both of OSs. First re ...

( Almost, maybe) at the End of my adventure " Touch not the partitions ":
I put GParted, bootable, on an USB key. Boot by this key. Put back the names of partitions that my manipulation under Windows had removed...
And boot Android just like that. No reinstallation (only unsuccessful attempts because of not found partition).
At the moment thus I do not plan other action. Works well without other manipulation, with my installed applications Android. Windows also.
Some explanations:
- the reduction of the partition) "Windows", under Windows with the easeUS software, thus left the intact table of partitions (size, location) except names (android_bootloader, android_data etc.) which disappeared. Only cause of the impossible boot, apparently
- by displaying a file gpt.bin, which defines the Android partitions (by a hexadecimal editor, as HxD), we see easily their name ( android_xxxx ) and their size (two bytes(octets) which precede 00 00 <name of partition>: if the 1st is 00, the 2nd is the number of 256MB of the size; if the 1st is not 00, he is the number of MB of the size. Example: 64 00 00 00 61 00 6th 00 64 00 72 00 6F 00 69 00 64 00 5F 00 62 00 6F 00 6F 00 74 00 6C 00 6F 00 61 00 64 00 65 00 72 00. The editor decodes the name ( android_bootloader ) and 64 00 = size, 100MB).
This examination to make sure that the partitions are intact (except name): GParted shows them in the order, with the good sizes
- we boot from the key GParted in passing in Bios in the starting up, possible by the touch Echap of a keyboard connected on the tablet (for me the keyboard Chuwi, but was considered possible with a keyboard USB).
Remains to set every name of Android partitions in GParted with the name found in gpt.bin.
Without this "trick", I should have to reinstall both Android and Windows. The distribution between Android and Windows would have allowed me to choose (it is enough to modify the size of the partition android_data in gpt.bin). But enough feelings at the moment.
Thanks to all for the brought help.
Best Regards,
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