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How to solve "tablet can not connect the Bluetooth" problem

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If the Bluetooth can't work normally, please follow these methods below:

1. If it displays that the tablet has added a good device, now it can not add. Let's take a look at the devices that were added before. Right click on the property to see if the device is out of date. If it is out of date, delete the device, and then add the wizard, you can successfully added.

2. Check whether the equipment is connected successfully,  you can use other equipment to inspect it;

3. Bluetooth driver exception, the first to uninstall the Bluetooth driver, restart, and then installed about;

4. Bluetooth is based on wireless transmitter and receiver devices to achieve data transmission RF technology, metal materials have a shielding effect on the signal, check the equipment whether there are metal objects are shielded.

5. Bluetooth frequency range is 2.4GHZ ~ 2.48GHZ, transmission distance is 10m.

If it can not solve your problem, then it may be the Bluetooth module problem, please contact your seller and return it for repair. Or email to


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