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Hi10 pro After Intel graphic driver update can't restart.

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raymonho19|Post time:5-31-2017 14:01:15 View:150|Reply:2

Hello, there, I got a problem : after updated the Intel graphic driver the Win10 can't restart, it just got backlight on and nothing more, how can I safe recover or get back the window working. The android side still working.

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mimble| Post time 5-30-2017 08:29:26 | Show all posts
It is unlikely to be the driver itself. My Hi10 Pro says, driver date: 08/03/2017, version, which is very up to date.
There are a couple of easy things to try, but you really need a usb keyboard.

I have seen your symptoms when the device decides to display to a second screen over HDMI, even when one is not connected. If you have a keyboard, you can try
   win-P  down
a few times, to cycle through the display options. You can do this without logging on.
If you have a keyboard, is there some incantation to get to a safe boot ? F8 used to work, but I am not sure with more modern machines.

Someone may have a more specific suggestion, but if you fiddle with the right setting in the bios, windows decides the machine has changed enough to check all devices on booting. Sorry I can't remember an exact setting, but when playing with bios options, I noticed that windows occasionally noticed something had changed.
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byzeta| Post time 5-31-2017 14:01:15 | Show all posts
Can you try connecting a microHDMI cable and checking which windows works?
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