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Wifi range problem

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peggy18|Post time:6-26-2017 01:06:25 View:107|Reply:1

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My HI13 suffers  from a bad wifi signal since the beginning. It is 6 times lower than my other devices, and totally unstable. Almost unusable when I'm not within 4m around the router.
I upgraded the bios to the latest .14 : no change
I installed the last Intel Wifi and bluetooth drivers : no change.
I disabled the bluetooth and power savings : no change
I removed the back plate to check if it was an antenna problem : without the backplate the signal is 5 times better, I would say equal to my other devices.
I'm pretty sure it is an antenna problem. I googled about this, I could see that many chuwi users (having other products than HI13) have wifi problems linked to a bad antenna assembly.

What should I do now? My hi13 is almost useless without wifi.

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emily| Post time 6-26-2017 01:06:25 | Show all posts
maybe you can contact their customer service: , and buy a new antenna, there is no other store sell it because only them has the factory, hope this can help you, have a good day
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