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In situ android removal

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bluesmanuk|Post time:7-2-2017 11:25:01 View:80|Reply:3

It doesn't look as if android development is going anywhere, so I have decided that I want to get rid of it and utilise the space for Windows but without any requirement for re-installation.

When looking at a variety of imaging solutions, none of which worked when restoring, at least in terms of booting Android.

During the process of image backup I noticed that there are quite a few partitions on the Hibox.

So I am wondering which of them I can remove using a partition manager without affecting the box's ability to boot into my already updated, fine tuned and configured Windows installation.

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Motobot| Post time 7-2-2017 02:42:02 | Show all posts
You can read this thread
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bluesmanuk| Post time 7-2-2017 11:03:27 | Show all posts

That worked a treat.

What can be done to remove the dual boot option at startup?
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Motobot| Post time 7-2-2017 11:25:01 | Show all posts
Boot Menu disabling for those who removed Android and for SingleOS
1. Run the SwitchNOW application from its desktop shortcut;
2. Click No in the dialog window "Are you sure to switch to Android?";
3. Select Disable and click Exit in the Boot menu configuration window;
Reboot your tablet and make sure that Boot Menu does not appear.
You can delete the SwitchNOW shortcut now.
Owners of old SingleOS version tablets should delete the SwitchNOW shortcut from the Desktop without launching this.
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