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Cannot log into Google with Hi10 Pro on Android: Solved, w/o root

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JXBJXB|Post time:7-11-2017 22:46:46 View:74|Reply:2

Hi. New Hi10 pro here - "HQ" serial number and the 8350 Intel chip. Dual-boot Windows 10/Android 5.1. Tried many things listed in the forum to try and get Google Play and other Google services to work - kept getting the "unreliable connection" or "cannot contact Google servers" message. I tried hard-resets, I tried updating Google Play Services via an APK, I tried loading Chrome via an APK and then logging in through that - nothing worked.

But there's a post somewhere else on here that recommends resetting the serial number via the BIOS. So I figured I had nothing else to lose - I booted the Hi10 Pro into Windows and downloaded "" - which you can find by searching this forum. I did an AMIEDIT64.exe /DUMPALL and made note of my serial number, which began with "HQ64." I then did AMIEDIT64.exe /SS 0123456789ABCDEF and got confirmation that it took.

I rebooted into Android and I was immediately able to log into Google.

Once I had the account set up, I went back into Windows and set my serial number back the way it was.

Hope this helps someone. Whomever posted the info about the serial number was spot on - sorry I can't find the post again!

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manonegra222| Post time 7-11-2017 03:37:39 | Show all posts
Thank you very much for your contribution. Another way to fix it is by reinstalling Android, but this path seems less complicated.
It is very interesting that the members of the forum contribute with their experiences of success that can help the rest.

Thanks again
Chuwi Moderator
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emily| Post time 7-11-2017 22:46:46 | Show all posts
really cool, very thank you for sharing the success experience, have a good day
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