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wifi adapter not working after win 10 update

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laurentiu|Post time:8-14-2017 06:24:33 View:466|Reply:6

Today I received my new lapbook 15,6 and after the first win update the wifi adapter is missing from device manager.
i have try to reinstall driver for realtek but no success.
What should I do more?

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manonegra222| Post time 7-24-2017 14:43:24 | Show all posts
The driver may not have been installed because it is not signed. You must, when installing it, disable the windows option: do not install drivers that are not signed.
Chuwi Moderator
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emily| Post time 7-24-2017 22:34:56 | Show all posts
If you can’t connect  WIFI, you can try following ways :
1, first check whether network wireless devices operate normally;  whether connection distance is within the valid range,  whether the tablet is connected to the WIFI , whether the method  of using tablet is correct.

2.Whether the network is matched with wifi band (2.4GHz in the communications field called ISM (Industry Science Medicine) the world's public use of the wireless frequency band, is free of charge can be used without the application. So to WLAN brought about by the The disadvantage is interference, because the WLAN work in the 2.4GHz band, some other wireless devices (such as Bluetooth, wireless mouse, etc.) work in the band will interfere with the WLAN wireless signal, resulting in the actual use of WLAN performance deterioration. Group developed a standard in the 5GHz band, 5GHz band is not so much daily interference, the band is very clean, under the same conditions, business performance is better than 2.4GH) you can look at these
3, check whether put the metal plate on the top of the metal, because the metal shielding the signal.
4, whether install the software (for example: anti-virus software), if installed, then there may be software conflicts, uninstall  the software can resolve this problem.
5, if the above are not, you can try to solve by brush machine. Note: Brush to use the correct method and the brush machine to match the firmware.
6, Brush still can not solve, that is the hardware problem, please turn maintenance.
hope this can help you
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Mcjack| Post time 7-28-2017 07:21:58 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Mcjack at 7-28-2017 08:45

Usa o Programa   DriverPack Solution Link [url][/url]
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manonegra222| Post time 7-29-2017 12:09:54 | Show all posts
Here's the driver for your device:!AqpKvT8-VB_8tXsG70DPChrn2dod
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micheal1979| Post time 7-30-2017 07:46:00 | Show all posts
There is the same situation (
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Ivan45| Post time 8-14-2017 06:24:33 | Show all posts
Edited by Ivan45 at 8-14-2017 09:39

I was just shocked by the tech support of Chuwi, which itself does not know the reasons for the problems with Wi-Fi! So I had to solve this problem myself. Do not forget to install this driver: To all those who have a problem with a complete lack of Wi-Fi dedicated.
All you need to do is:
Go to the BIOS (the Delete key at startup, who does not already know) -> Chipset -> South Bridge -> LPSS & SCC Configuration. We translate SCC eMMC Support, SCC SDIO Support and SD Card into "PCI Mode" mode. Save and reboot into the system, done!
After several reboots of the laptop, it stopped turning on and charging. I do not know if this is due to the decision on wifi, but to act on my instructions AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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