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Chuwi: what changes to the new LapBook 14.1 caused the bad battery life?

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Ernst|Post time:8-7-2017 11:38:02 View:247|Reply:3

The recent batch of the LapBook 14.1" (GearBest) has a shorter metal bar inside to better facilitate fitting an SSD and a clip to hold the SSD in place. It also has a different battery.

The previous "model" easily did 5 to 6 hours of Office tasks, the new model maxes out at around 3.5 hours...

Really bad battery life!

Would a newer BIOS (> 0.26) change this? Is that coming?

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emily| Post time 7-27-2017 23:24:06 | Show all posts
hello, Ernst:
power consumption fast
   1, check the flat-panel accessories, Even there is  short circuit phenomenon , unplug the peripheral equipment;
   2, there are many applications on the plat background , close the unused applications ; WIFI and Bluetooth consume too much power, when not use this two accessories , you can  close  Bluetooth and Wifi .
   3, the display brightness is too bright, transferred it to the appropriate brightness;
   4, the software conflict can also cause power  consume fast, uninstall the software conflict with the system  .
   5, the system is not working properly, resulting in power control chip can not be configured according to the optimal power, can be resolved through brushing machine;
   6, The battery problem, only replace the battery  can solve this problem ;
   7, motherboard short circuit, components Weld, bad power supply IC and other hardware reasons , it need to be resolved after specific testing;
hope this can help you
have a good day
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Ernst| Post time 7-29-2017 08:32:05 | Show all posts
Edited by Ernst at 7-29-2017 10:10

This is caused by the graphics cores in the N3450 CPU to consume between 5 and 6 Watts.

The GPU clock never switches lower than 450 Mhz. so the GPU cores never sleep.

As a result the latest revision of the LapBook 14.1 only runs for around 3 hours on a full battery and has a bad Geekbench score.

This was earlier reported in the previous release of the LapBook 14.1 and was solved in the BIOS update in December 2016 (I believe 012 BIOS), see: ... stics-of-the-n3450/


PLEASE add the update that solved this bug in the 012 BIOS into the 026 BIOS for the latest revision of the LapBook 14.1 !
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AdK| Post time 8-7-2017 11:38:02 | Show all posts
+1, longer battery life would be nice, on the new revision with the short metal bar it is not more than 3.5h
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