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[Hi13] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi13 Bios 1.16

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Hackerjac|Post time:9-9-2017 00:26:50 View:779|Reply:11

Hackerjac| Post time 8-31-2017 21:36:47 | Show all posts
Pajero replied at 8-31-2017 15:40
I right click on the download link above and choose save link as
That opens an explorer window to ch ...

Donno, don't use chrome myself, testet with firefox and explore, no problem there

Try just to click the link, not right click and save as, just normal left click
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arcturus| Post time 9-9-2017 00:26:50 | Show all posts
ZenBalancer replied at 8-26-2017 02:15
I couldn't figure out what the change log meant.
Please clarify if you know?
It's such a change th ...

The release notice shows these two changes for V1.15       
Product                                        Model: AP1
BIOS                                        Kernel:                                        5.12_VEB_3BANS003
Date: 2017/05/02
System                                        BIOS: AP1V115_X64
Intel                                        GOP Driver: 10.0.1030
Reference                                        code: FRC1.1.3
TXE Version:
                                        Microcode                                        Version:
SOC                                        BM01506C9_0000001E.PDB
VEB                                        VersionAptio_5.x_TOOLS_29
Released                                        By:                                        Ethan                                        Chen
Approved By:
Bug                                        #.
Root                                        cause and change description
Change                                        G-sensor I2C port(I2C4)
Add                                        pogo detect pin

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