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New Hardware Revision... Drivers?

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joggie|Post time:6 day(s) ago View:472|Reply:12

joggie| Post time 9-7-2017 08:56:24 | Show all posts
Motobot replied at 9-7-2017 07:54
Hello joggie,
I do not understand why to wait for help from someone?! Help yourself! That's my mott ...

Thanks for the info but the install file does not have the drivers for the hardware revision I bought.
As I told in the first post the Touchscreen and accelerometer is different. Currently there is no Windows Image for the Hi13 with the newest BIOS preinstalled.

I got a Driver-Package fron WanFal and im going to test it.
I also found some Drivers that are working, I will post my progress.
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Compasscard| Post time 6 day(s) ago | Show all posts

I've a dead HI13 with reference Q64G45170700970 on the back plate.
The mainboard does look completely different from the HI13 images that was posted on techtablets. On the back of the MB board is printed: APL-P12DJ3450464W170706 and a white sticker is attached that contains the word AP135 and the a bar code with A12DJ35464W7070600461

On the front of the mainboard is a white label containing: 74P1R1 AP135

I would like to know what would be the correct BIOS + EC BIOS for this mainboard ?
Eeproms are W25Q64FW (1.8v) for the main bios and a W25Q80JVS10 (3.3v) for the EC bios.
Is this another revision than for which the APIV114 and APIV116 bios files are intended for ?
If yes, does somebody has the bios image for those ?

What I noticed during diagnostics:
No display, no charging
Battery at 8V, so fully charged
3.3 V EC eeprom got powered for 15s after pressing power button
5V is available on the USB port of the keyboard when pressing power button and drops after 15s
5V is available on board regulators for the same 15s
1.8V of the main bios doesn't come up, so the BIOS can certainly not be read
Big 330µF 16V SMD capacitor shows no voltage, I presume it's the one used for the 1.8V rail.
Vcore pin on the ITE8987e is 1.8V. Datasheet isn't provided by ITE as it's a custom chip (asked for it)
So far reflashing the eeproms with the V114 bios wasn't a success. I removed the chips as I was unable to flash them on the board.
I'm now discharging the battery by means of a power resistor to see if it takes a charge.
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Hackerjac| Post time 6 day(s) ago | Show all posts
Edited by Hackerjac at 9-20-2017 02:11
Compasscard replied at 9-19-2017 21:09

I've a dead HI13 with reference Q64G45170700970 on the back plate.

This sound to be the second revision, could you please post some pic of the motherboard

This revision does not use AP1V116 or AP1V116 bios file, but I2W6_AP135.037&EC_219 insted
I do NOT work for Chuwi. Please DO NOT pm or email me with problems you may have!
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