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Keyboard backlight, screen sensitivity and touchpad problems

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Dragonix|Post time:9-9-2017 00:53:31 View:493|Reply:2

Edited by Dragonix at 9-9-2017 01:05

Dear support,

I have just received the SurBook. So far it seems quite nice, however I have three major problems:

1. The keyboard backlight does not work:

Is there any way to turn it on, or is it a hardware problem? I have updated Windows to the latest version. Tried restarting the unit. No result so far.

"Fixed" - Fn + Del

2. The screen sensitivity is very low:

Often I need to press the screen in order to register touch. It reminds me of the old resistive screens where you really had to press hard in order to register an action. Using the device in tablet mode is not very pleasant at the moment. Is not as sensitive as my other touch devices (phones and tablets).

3. The touchpad is registering ghost input and is not very precise:

The touchpad is not very precise and is often either not registering taps or registering ghost actions. Anyway, again, using the touchpad is not very pleasant compared to my other devices.

Is there a way to fix those issues? I would be grateful for your help.

Best regards,


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royd_68@hotmail| Post time 9-9-2017 00:21:29 | Show all posts
Have you tried pressing Fn Del ? That turns on the keyboard backlight on my device.
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Dragonix| Post time 9-9-2017 00:53:31 | Show all posts
Oh, that worked! Thank you royd_68!

So, the backlight is working fine. The other problems remain.
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