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Expensive = Trouble free?

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MemberChuwi|Post time:Yesterday 11:31 View:139|Reply:6

Edited by MemberChuwi at 12-1-2017 23:46

For all (including myself) having minor issues with H13 which are mostly resolvable just this:

I'm looking for a powerful convertible Notebook and found Lenovo's Yoga 720 15" to be a candidate. Just when you want a high resolution display you enter the 2000 bucks arena. Then you have to buy a model with all the bells and whistles... I want a strong processor and a lightning fast ssd but the graphics card is almost useless to me.

I've started reading experience reports and user reviews. It's full of nasty little production bugs... factory new scratched devices, screens with interior parts loosening within days of use and similar annoyance you would usually associate with cheap chinese stuff... I start to think Hi 13 is pretty good value for what it is. The Lenovo price addon just for the UHD screen is more then a good Hi13 deal and Hi13's screen is significantly brighter!

Whished Chuwi could make more powerful, more affordable notebooks too.
Probably with a 15Watt Gen 8 cpu and a NVMe ssd...

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Techdragonz| Post time 12-2-2017 11:25:41 | Show all posts

If only chuwi would put better processors in their beasts... Take the lapbook air; if that would have a core M3. It would be the best budget laptop that looks premium!
But they fear that most people wont want to pay more for good specs...
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MemberChuwi| Post time 12-4-2017 03:49:30 | Show all posts
Price always is a point.

Hi13 isn´t exactly cheap but it´s budget for what it is. I enjoy the display each time I use it and have a hard time imagining to go back to something like FHD for reading. It´s closer to paper print sharpness than anything I´ve ever used. I felt in love with that when I saw the Surface  Book for the first time and dropped the idea to get one just for reading and occasional light work when I saw the price tag.

Of course there are things that don´t work well on a Hi13. I´ve managed to install MS Visual Studio on my Hi13 and it works somehow, but this is definitely not great by any means. Resources are simply too low by any means, it´s not only the speed.

However it's crazy to spend 2000 bucks on a notebook by itself - for occasional programing or video editing - especially looking at innovation rates, each year new processors, new important ´secondary´features (like GPU support for new video codecs like HEVC).

I've considered the Dell XPS 15 as well, but dropped it when finding out that you have to spend 2000+ to get just touch, UHD and a bigger internal battery... it's also not pen enabled and not foldable to tablet mode. Maybe this is 'innovation' in 2018... Otherwise it's a hell of a machine I'd really appreciate.

Not much better with the Yoga 720 15". It has tablet mode and an average pen but no HDMI port... starting dongles or docking stations is inconvenient at best and adds significant cost again. Wanting UHD means opting for the big configuration again. And on top the 13" line has weaker CPU's from the 'U' core line. All the confusion Intel creates with CPU generations is a nightmare. Core i means not much and i3, i5, i7 as well. One needs to learn more about TDP and all the numbers and letters to put things somehow. On top many notebooks have bad cooling systems throttling cpu power on heavier tasks taking some more time to compute. Some others limit to get better battery live numbers on paper... it's simply crazy to get a performer even if you are willing to spend more.

Instead marketing points out importance of luxury look and understatement... I just want a reliable, rugged device and give a sh**t on logos and childish 'premium' look.

Finally all is just as bad as with Chinese tablets in a way, just other price tags...

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Techdragonz| Post time 12-4-2017 07:53:58 | Show all posts
True, dont agree on the premium part though, because Id rather have a metal device that looks good than a plastic thick ugly device
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MemberChuwi| Post time 12-4-2017 09:54:08 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 12-4-2017 12:19

Metal isn't such a premium material as marketing is touting. Price depends on the way it is shaped an moulded. Finish is a cost factor too. Of course real gold finish can make it as expensive as a piece of art... Porsche design and stuff like that don't impress me much... ridiculous. I have an old MS desktop keyboard/mouse designed by Colani. It looks cool but to work with the mouse's 'organic shape' is a nightmare. Artists like to grab things, probably it feels good to grab, but it's a tool that has to provide a function it's not a statue having fun with grabbing... :-)

Cheap plastic isn't great, mostly for the fact it can not transport heat well. Besides coal fibre enhanced plastic is stronger than metal, probably even more expensive... New manufacturing methods with metal 3D printing and laser cut will bring new 'organic' shapes to market with unparalleled weight/strength ratio. New 'premium' stuff that will make todays fancy MacBooks expensive garbage... indeed that's the fate of any todays 'high end' gadget and a reason why I hesitate to 'invest' in computers (privately). Stuff simply does not last long enough these days to look at it this way.

I use one of these cheap plastik 7" tablets for yeas now. It's solid enough and does the job. And it's neon magenta or something! For some reason amazon sold that cheaper, so why not... it dosn't work different than the black, blue or neon yellow that were on sale these times. I don't care much about looks - as long as it does not affect funktion. Ok, when good look is cheap, why not?... :-) ...but silver, gray or moon dust... I'm realy not much interested in that design questions. Would always choose the cheapest. Why pay 50 bucks extra for a certain color shade? Silly.

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MemberChuwi| Post time 12-5-2017 02:05:53 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 12-5-2017 02:19

Had just a view on Lenovo service/repair options.

Can't believe what I've found here. A lot of trouble within warranty period. No service promise whatsoever when warranty time is over. There is a spare part ordering service, so you can gamble with that and hope you can manage repair yourself. Investing premium prices in such companies? They deliver disposables, even for 2000 bucks, that's plain crazy.

Seems to be what users want. I scratch my head feequently when reading stuff like:

" Oh, l love my xxx after having used it for 6 weeks. It's so much value for the 3000 bucks I paid. It still works great. I think I will use it another 6 weeks before I sell it and upgrade to yyy which is a bit pricey, but 5000 bucks is not that bad considering it's great features...'

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MemberChuwi| Post time Yesterday 11:31 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 12-14-2017 11:36

While digging further for 'powerful premium devices' I've stumbled across all kinds of issues with major brands like Dell and Hp too. It seems to be gambling buying a new machine, regardless if you pay 300 or 2000 bucks. Specs are different, trouble can turn out similar. Looks like all is the same technology and price is no quality indicator. Hi13 is good for what it is, just the charger is a shame.

Almost any Laptops, especially thin ones, seem to suffer from heat issues uder heavy load. It's again a matter of luck how much of the potential power you paid for can really be sustained. Not to mention the fan noise... Final conclusion, the best laptop is a desktop... ;-)

BTW biggest evil is Windows 10. I hate all the activities it performs beyond any users control. When it's update time the Hi 13 machine gets hardly usable.
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