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brix71|Post time:12-20-2017 03:07:57 View:364|Reply:4

After replace windows 10 installation  is impossible reinstall driver for touchscreen .
I tried all solution inside this forum. but nothing to do. only drivers surbook  if intalled work bad ( all reverse ).
When I try to install goodixtouchdriver.inf the system show that gt*.bin and gt9*.bin are not found. I downloaded all goodixtouchdriver and al version but nothing to do.
Is avaiable somewhere original kit of installation drivers ( with setup.exe ). or someone can extract from your HI13 the necessary files.
I tried to reinstall kit w10+drivers kit present on this forum but I receive the error " failed to get bios vendor" in red page.
everyone have a image or ghost or build of virgin HI13 w10 system plus drivers  to share on dropbox?

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emily| Post time 12-15-2017 19:38:44 | Show all posts
hello, could you please try this driver:
have a good weekend
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brix71| Post time 12-18-2017 10:19:08 | Show all posts
thank you Emily, I used the driver but when I try to install driver for touchscreen (like administrator) under folder 12-TP I receive error that attached to this post.
the install procedure dont find 2 files gt9*.bin and gt*.bin in path windows\inf.
I'm desperate , now also micro usb on body chuwi HI13 does not work is produce energy only for charger ( I follow some post where some user increasethe deep of plug but nothing) now I have a normal laptop instead a tablet....  Help me please. I want try to resolve with installation of pack win10+ drivers here Windows:
Chuwi Hi13 Windows Download:
but I receive error on red page that I attahced in first post.
error TP.PNG
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brix71| Post time 12-19-2017 01:39:35 | Show all posts
emily I found on manage device a unknow device with this name ACPI\GDIX1002 and not ACPI\GDIX1001 like mentioned in all forum .
here talk about problem with drivers but is impossible for me understand, could you  check if this post is compatible with my problem ... =read&tid=11514
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brix71| Post time 12-20-2017 03:07:57 | Show all posts
Incredible! but in the post of joggie, is present a solution of touchscreen drivers problem.
Now I have only windows key on right sight screen that dont works. but touchscreen and H3 pen works.
Now stay permanent problem with micro usb port that with outof the box cable micro usb to female usb port not recognize usb object inserted.
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