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chuwi Hi13 micro usb port PROBLEM

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brix71|Post time:4 day(s) ago View:160|Reply:5

I explain, with the OUT OF THE BOX supplied cable micro usb to usb female until two days ago I could connect a pendrive and the chuwi read it perfectly ( on windows and for boot via flashdrive) I had reinstall win10 from kingston usb flash card.
now any pendrive I connect is not read. if I connect an optical mouse, the led under mouse flashes and is not recognized.
It seems there are only 5 volts.
The USB controller of that port may be faulty or toasted, but I never connect phone for recharge or other device with battery inside.
If I connect any USB device to the USB ports on the keyboard, all the peripherals work fine. Is there a software or hardware test that I can do to understand the type of failure?
In russian forum I read that controller usb is very facilitate to break.
only for check port I connected mobile phone with battery charged 100% and this show presence of power supply from micro usb port.
I follow suggest on other post and I  increase high of connector, but nothing to do.
Anyone have a experience on this problem?

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MemberChuwi| Post time 12-20-2017 03:28:08 | Show all posts
Did you try a different otg adapter?

Does usb c work with otg?

Probably check the threads related to keyu charger issues.
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brix71| Post time 12-22-2017 04:20:49 | Show all posts
I had order on amazon, an otg converter without cable, and usb-c to usb 3 hub and now is ok. Incredible ! I used factory cable only 5 time, and is broken!
thanks to all for patience.

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MemberChuwi| Post time 12-24-2017 11:55:19 | Show all posts
Good to see it was just a defective adapter! btw can't remember any adapter in my Hi13 box... ;)
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Techdragonz| Post time 12-24-2017 14:37:22 | Show all posts
Me neither, they probably added this with later versions?
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robsm1th| Post time 4 day(s) ago | Show all posts
Just had my Hi13 delivered this week and no supplied cables except for the charging cable
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