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Chuwi Hi13 proper USB-C hub & charger?

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dawnbringer|Post time:4 day(s) ago View:193|Reply:2

Hello all,

I am trying to find a proper USB-C PD hub for my new Chuwi Hi 13, but reading all the threads and posts got me a little confused.

I am planning to buy this hub: ... et/32747307028.html

I just need USB + Ethernet, but I also need the tablet to stay charged, because it will be always on. From reading the posts here, I assume that I also need another charger because the original does not work with PD devices? Or will the original charger work?

I have the rev. 2 board and the new charger (JHD 12V/2A).

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MemberChuwi| Post time 12-31-2017 01:59:31 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 12-31-2017 02:10

Yes, I would strongly recommend not using the original brick with any PD accessory.

Have you read all the warnings and incompatibilities with the hub you referred to? Make sure you can return it for refund if it doesn't work.

For me Aukey's 46W PD charger worked (don't mess this up with quick charge or other fancy stuff). However I haven't tried this with any accessories. It works with the tablet. Not all PD chargers work even though they should on paper... finally you need to try.

If you use Hi13 as a tablet (as I do) - without keyboard - any wires are annoying.

Imho usb-c is annoying in general and totally hype on a budget device like Hi13. There is no real benefit in terms of speed and the connector is fragile too and pops our quite easy. There are few use cases where usb-c is really beneficial - like thunderbolt speced ones. Otherwise you just get tons of expensive adapters without any technical benefit. It's just marketing hype to drain your wallet.

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robsm1th| Post time 4 day(s) ago | Show all posts
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