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lamacchia|Post time:The day before yesterday 10:59 View:119|Reply:3

non mi legge la scheda sd in win 10. dice errore hardware. nella gestione componenti  esce triangolino giallo nella scheda sd.
che fare? ci sono drive? ho provato a reinstallare i drive di microsoft senza esito

p.s. ho trovato questo post su il forum in inglese è valido?

Edited by Elle at 9-28-2017 03:39

Hay Guys this is what I did to the sd card to make it work. For now it work. This is just information that I have recovered from techtablets and others i will post the links at the end, and thanks to those who keep on serching for a solution.

You should really enable MS Custom Sdbus Driver in the bios (under Advanced -> System Component)
This option comes available if the active OS image ID is set to Windows, so boot to windows first and then reboot and go to bios.
Problem should be solved then.
Second: You have to open widnows Device Manager and manually update all 3 of these: update it with     attached in the post.

With the driver posted above, you’ll need to turn off windows driver signature to do this. If you’re unsure how just google it, but hold shift while going windows – restart and it should offer you advanced startup options, after that it’s option 7.


Make sure the driver gets replaced. Go to C:/Windows/System32/Drivers and look up the two driver files – SDBUS.SYS and DUMPSD.SYS, when you look at the file properties, they must show 6.3 and not 10. You can see same when looking into Driver File Details in Properties for the device. I came across situation where I replaced with 6.3 and the main Properties window was showing 6.3 but looking on the drivers, were still showing 10 version.

If drivers are not replaced – your best bet is “Unlocker”. You may also need to use Safe Mode Command Prompt to change take ownership of the files.

Or you can change the permissions of the security by changing the owner, in the advanced options of security tab when you press the propeties of SDBUS.SYS, and DUMPSD.SYS
Then when you click on Change and go to anvanced options, click on search now, and put either everyone or youruser so you are the only owner and not windows. Whit this i think i wont change the drivers when it updates because windows is no longer the owner of those archives.

Fourth: Now Restart. It should be working right now.

I test this on this version of windows this is from motobot. And in this android ROM ... ok-hibook-pro-hi12/  
And It works in either android or Windows, I dont Know if it will work on Remix Os

Well thats all test it and see if it worked. For me now is doing great.

Links of this info:

Pages 1 and 25 for anyone who want to know the source.  

This is from the 28/9/2017, yesterday the tablet wont recognise the sd card, I dont know for what reason, but neither windows or android where able to see it.
But I realised someathing, from tweaking the bios the MS Custom Sdbus Driver in the bios (under Advanced -> System Component) you have to set it to disable and it somehow worked again in windows and android. Maybe at the end of the porcess above you should leave MS Custom Sdbus Driver to disable... But I dont really know just use it in case someday doesnt work.

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vyger| Post time 1-8-2018 06:57:02 | Show all posts
si funziona, ma ogni tanto devi rifarlo perche' se aggiorni alle volte torna coi driver non funzionanti
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lamacchia| Post time The day before yesterday 10:57 | Show all posts
Grazie. Provo
altro problema. Come posso spostare in adroid le app su scheda sd? devo per forza avere privilegi di root?
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manonegra222| Post time The day before yesterday 10:59 | Show all posts
lamacchia replied at 1-22-2018 19:57
Grazie. Provo
altro problema. Come posso spostare in adroid le app su scheda sd? devo per forza aver ...

Sì, è necessario disporre dei privilegi di root
Chuwi Moderator
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