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I calibrated the Hi12 screen with a spectrometer - Screen is now hugely good!

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IceBlitz|Post time:2-12-2018 03:42:53 View:374|Reply:5

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The Hi12 has a pretty ugly green tint without calibration but it's got great potential.
I calibrated it with a spectrometer and made a perfect color profile for it, and wanted to share it.
I set the correction time to 12 hours, remeasuring temporary corrected shades all night long, to get every single shade in the RGB and luminance channels as good as the monitor can possibly output).

The result:
Target temperature: D6500 (measured after calibration: 6492K- really good)Target gamma: 2.2 (measured after calibration: 2.21 - really good)
Correction method: White LED IPS
Contains full 3D LUT
<1 Delta E (really good)

The difference is huge!
I never thought the screen could get so good, even with calibration.

I've attached the color profile file to this post.
To install it, and make your tablet lovely, do the following:

First you need to create a default color profile. This is super easy, but you must do it in order to get the new profile working.
1. Start Menu
2. Search "Calibrate Display Color"
3. Open the calibration tool
4. Click "Next" on all without adjusting anything. This profile is going to be a throw-away
5. Finish

Now you have a color profile and it's looking exactly the same as before.
Time to install the new and corrected profile.

1. Right-click desktop
2. Display settings
3. Scroll to the bottom -> Display adapter properties
4. Color Management tab -> Color Management (you may get an information pop-up. If so, just close it)
5. Tick "Use my settings for this device" if it isn't already ticked.
6. Click on "Add"
7. Click on the line with a very long name ("sRGB display profile with display hardware configuration data derived from calibration"). Make sure this line is marked blue.
8. Click on "Browse"
9. Double click on the new ICM profile that you downloaded and unzipped from this post.

10. Done.

When you've done this, you will probably get the impression that the screen gets a very red tint at first. But don't worry. This is normal and is only happening because you are so used to the green tint on the original screen profile. After an hour you will never see the red tint again.

Link to the file on OneDrive:!AlajWBB7NBGchywEAsO-s6CALyeR

Link to the file on Dropbox: ... ZLUT%2BMTX.icm?dl=0


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doodzilla| Post time 1-19-2018 18:26:23 From the mobile phone | Show all posts

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technisol| Post time 1-22-2018 20:19:07 | Show all posts
I've downloaded this file three times, 174KB each, and tried three different extractors, and had no luck recovering an ICM profile.  Can you please just post a link to the file without the RAR archive BS, something is not working correctly.  Frankly, I hardly think an archive should be required for a file of this small a size.

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technisol| Post time 1-26-2018 14:30:06 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 1-26-2018 14:38

No dice I guess.  Gone back to .icm profile for the Samsung display in this thread:
But, it seems likely that profile needs a tweak because after even quite some time it seems a bit pink in the grays...
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IceBlitz| Post time 2-1-2018 00:05:08 | Show all posts
Edited by IceBlitz at 2-1-2018 00:08

The reason I uploaded a rar file was because I am not allowed to upload icm files.

But you can download the file here
Dropbox: ... ZLUT%2BMTX.icm?dl=0

Hope it works now

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technisol| Post time 2-12-2018 03:42:53 | Show all posts
Thank you for calibrating the display and making the file available.  I think it looks pretty good, maybe a smidge yellow/green still, but I'm used to looking at a Lenovo  X200T that tends to run a little blue IMHO...  It appears to be a much better curve than the Samsung one I was running before which was too reddish/pink in the grays.  It'd be nice if companies could go that extra mile and calibrate them on the line for each display, I know some companies/models do.

The Hi 12 has a great LCD panel, it's nice to see it calibrated a lot closer to where it should be.

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