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[Hi13] [Tutorial] How to install Ubuntu 17.10 with KDE/Plasma for Chuwi Hi13

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Performance Quick Check

During the testing of this Linux setup I try to keep an eye on the performance meter (CPU - RAM - SWAP)

In the first week it swapped only once, which happened when I ran a software update.  

Have a look at post#5, there is plenty of memory available. The system so far occupies less than 10GB of disk space.

I checked a couple of 4k videos on Youtube and also HD video streams, works pretty well, few hick-ups did occur though when CPU reached 100%. CPU will normally stay between 40% and 80% utilization during a HiRes video (internet speed is VDSL 100 down / 40 up)

There were no system crashes.

First impression after week 1: Not a bad combo "Chuwi Hi13 and Kubuntu".
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Carve| Post time 1-31-2018 01:00:01 | Show all posts
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Good News on the Suspend / StandBy Issues.

The kernel fix will not make it until 4.16, however there is a temporary fix for the problem:

To prevent the touch screen from falling to sleep forever, we have to unload the driver before the system suspends.  
Download or copy the following script and

1. Put into /lib/systemd/system-sleep/suspend-modules
2. chmod a+x /lib/systemd/system-sleep/suspend-modules

This script will unload any drivers listed in "*.conf" files in the directory "/etc//suspend-modules.d/"
So, now we need to create "/etc/suspend-modules.d/touch.conf" and paste the following lines:


This will unload the goodix touch screen driver and i2C bus driver before suspending and hopefully reload them on wake-up.
[Use "goodix" instead of "goodix_backport" if you didn't recompile the driver]

It looks like my wish list is complete.

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