mouaisien Publish time 9-11-2016 12:59:30

Yes this seems to be due to a modification made with the partitions name...:(

Fataz Publish time 9-26-2016 11:00:12


Edited by Fataz at 9-26-2016 11:15

I succeeded with the Hi12
I installed remix OX 2.0, removed the windows partition, and resized the android data partition.

The original partition :

What i Did?

1) I copy the Android_Data partition and paste it in 45gb unallocated partition. i apply

2) Then i delete the old Android_Data and rename the 45gb partion to Android_Data

3) i copy paste the android_config in the new 10 gb unallocated partition ( <<== the old android_data), apply

now you have:

10gb unallocated (old android_data)

To merge old android_data and new, the partitions need to be closed but you have the android_persistent partition.

4) i delete the Android_persistent

5) now ine the 10gb unallocated partition make a 1mo partition with the unformatted type (the black color) and rename Android_persistent

6) merge an resize the Android_Data parition.

Quit and enjoy
For reinstalling windows you have tou resize the Android_Data partition and install win 10, i made a test

allmic Publish time 11-10-2016 08:31:34

Hi was wondering if you had succeed to root your tablet it looks like cherry mobile smart tab

shakeador Publish time 5-30-2017 04:26:00

Hello, to perform this operations, a usb cable and a regular USB hub connected to this, will work?

SAMPPLE Publish time 12-28-2017 13:04:55

So I done what @Fataz said but I had a big problem my tablet was stuck at Android is starting... First time was optimizing aplication and after that stuck at android is starting... What can I do ? Or what I did wrong ?
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