eldorado_allman Publish time 10-9-2016 03:27:44

Chuwi Hibook Pro Screen Glitching On Windows 10 Mode

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Hi, I just bought Chuwi Hibook Pro around 2 weeks ago, and from the very start I'm having this problem with the screen that always glitching rapidly when I enter windows 10 mode, the problem doesn't seems to appear on android mode, anybody know what's causing this and how to fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated :)

ashjng Publish time 10-9-2016 05:27:51


I am also experiencing this issue on Windows 10 but it is fine on Android mode.

Hackerjac Publish time 10-9-2016 05:31:16

Have you disabled autu brightness?

if not

Go to settings, System, Display
then scroll down and set Change brightness auto............. to disable

Chris01cz Publish time 10-9-2016 05:32:04

Can you show us any pictures?

ashjng Publish time 10-9-2016 06:56:46

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Here is an image of the problem:

Video of the problem:

Chris01cz Publish time 10-9-2016 07:46:40

IT can be wrong connection betwen lcd flex and mainboard, but it can be driver issue. I am not sure.

Hackerjac Publish time 10-9-2016 07:53:27

Guess i misunderstod the problem when posting a solution, damn that dosent look good, mu guess will also be that its something to do with the flex cabel

deejay1963 Publish time 10-9-2016 07:53:54

It cannot be a hardware problem as it is working fine in android. Try upgrading the display drivers from intel website. You can ise intel driver update utility to find the latest driver from intel.

ashjng Publish time 10-9-2016 10:39:17

Seems like it's gone if I don't connect it to the wifi but when I connect, the glitches come back immediately

eldorado_allman Publish time 10-12-2016 08:06:48

Chris01cz replied at 10-9-2016 05:32
Can you show us any pictures?

Thank you guys for the responses, this video displays exactly the problem that I'm having right now

I also thought that what's causing this might not be related to hardwares, because in android mode everything's ok, only in windows 10 mode the problem show up
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