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Can Apollo Lake proficiently manipulate the CHUWI Hi13 3k screen?

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Can Apollo Lake proficiently manipulate the CHUWI Hi13 3k screen?

Chuwi Hi series feature the high-resolution screen all the time. Whether it is Hibook pro or Hi12, almost every chuwi tablets' screen resolution stands out from the other same size screens, ranking the top high resolution. Recently chuwi Hi series has been updated.Chuwi launched a new product --- Chuwi Hi13 in February, coming with the original surfacebook 13.5-inch screen, 3000*2000 resolution, a new-generation Apollo Lake N3450 processor and the new design of Goldmont architecture. Quad-core Four-threads processor clocked at 2.2Ghz. Chuwi Hi13 was reprinted by major media and commented by a mass of netizens after releasing. Someone doubted whether Apollo Lake can proficiently manipulate so high screen resolution. The explanation as follows:

The above table shows the screen specifications of Hi13, and the resolution of 3000*2000 can satisfy some more professional needs, such as architectural drawings, CAD drawings, medical X-ray, etc., 267PPi allows users to see smaller and clearer details. And the screen material is ultra-wide viewing angle IPS screen widely used in mobile phones and Tablet PCs. I believe we are not unfamiliar with it. Compared with the traditional LCD screen, IPS screen is more responsive and showing more smooth images with the features of wide viewing angle, shadowless dynamic picture image, the uniform responsive speed and the standard color. Compared to the traditional flat panel, 100% SRGB color gamut displays more colors and color restoration also reaches a certain height.

Web page FishIE Tank test

FishIE Tank is mainly used to test web page graphics acceleration performance, this standard is particularly of importance in the environment of more and more web page games, This test will reflect the ability of the tablet to handle graphics for the page, especially the GPU acceleration. It plays a big role on whether it can bring better experience to watch video and play games. Hi13 is pre-installed Microsoft's Edge browser, set up to 1000 fish in the pond, FPS stable between 40-50, the frame is very smooth, there will not appear the case that suddenly drop frame , so the vision is very good. In the stable network speed, you do not worry about Hi13 appears the Bug when playing web games or watching network video...

4k video test

We downloaded 4K video on the internet , it has TS format, 3840* 2160 of video resolution and 50M video bit rate. When using my desktop PC to play this video it will show the serious block, you must know that I use the I5-4460. I have a skeptical attitude to look at Hi13 whether it can play, however it gave me a big surprise. Video playback is very smooth, the overall effect is very smooth, colorful, no matter where the progress of the drag move, the video can be quickly played, you needn't worry about the Apollo lake capabilities of playing video in the 3K screen.

LOL Games

In the game test progress, we have chosen the most popular LOL to test. In the case of good net speed, we open the medium quality, you can see, in the initial stage of the game FPS42, it can smoothly control the LOL to move to the desired location, when the troops push the tower it only down to FPS35, The release and attack ability of every link is more smooth and more smooth. From the game test link, we can see that Apollo Lake GPU is good enough to cope with the popular varieties of online games.

Through the above three evaluation, we can see Chuwi Hi13 3000*2000 high resolution will not become his weakness, but it will greatly enhance our entertainment sensory experience, and then with 4 speakers, whether it is to see 4K video or play online games , it will bring us more shocking than the average notebook or tablet PC.

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Will you please provide any link for us and any third party to try and download the 4K video you used for testing so we can test for ourselves, too?

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Oh and anything below 60fps doesn't inspire confidence. As a customer, I'm mainly attracted to the Hi13 as a reading device for comic books. But I really wish you'd assure us that a dual boot version will eventually come out.

Chuwi,the best attributes you have are:

1. USB-A ports
2. Dual Boot
3. Screen

As a prospective Hi13 customer, I can tolerate 2/3 but not 1/3. Still waiting for dual boot. If no dual boot by 11/11 this year, I'm buying Hi12. However if the other tech companies offer something better than Hi12 with regards to the 3 attributes on a similar price range, I might take their offer.

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The screenshot showing the screen test results are pretty disappointing. The screen size is 3000x2000 but the size used to test the display speed is 1154x617, which is 11% (percent) of the full amount of pixels in the screen. 3000x2000 has 6 million pixels but the tested resolution has 712 thousand. That means the hardware speed would be even more disappointing than just 44 frames per second.

Truth be told, Intel's branded Apollo Lake processors are just renamed Atom X5 old processor with some upgrades. It's not even in the mid-term of performance of one to two years ago.

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As proof that the results presented are disappointing, here's a test with a Intel Core 4th Gen processor notebook I bought in early 2014.

The resolution used is 1920x1010, in comparison with the tested resolution, the latter is equivalent to 36% (percent) of my test.
It runs at capped 60 frames per second resolution. A second monitor is connected to the notebook by the way.


Here's a test with both monitors running at once with 1000 fish each:


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Andreyk replied at 3-14-2017 15:48
The screenshot showing the screen test results are pretty disappointing. The screen size is 3000x200 ...

The screen size is 3000x2000 but the size used to test the display speed is 1154x617, which is 11% (percent) of the full amount of pixels in the screen.
Chuwi Hi13 is 13.5 inch 2 in 1 tablet, it has 3000*2000 high-resolution. Not screen size is 3000x2000.
Besides, we use the Microsoft Edge(EdgeHTML 14.14393) for test and you use Chrome 56 for test.Different browsers have different results.

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emily replied at 3-16-2017 01:05

That looks like it's Opera rather, not Chrome.

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Yeah, screen size is 13.5 inches, screen resolution is 3000x2000, that was a mistake I made, however, my point isn't wrong. The resolution you used for the test is 1154x617. Which, like I said, has only 11 percent of pixels a 3000x2000 resolution has. Even though the resolution of the Hi13 is 3000x2000, making the test using a browser with resolution smaller than the entire screen resolution will provide a faster speed.

Which is what I'm talking about. How many FPS would Hi13 get using the entire screen resolution for the browser width and height?

Here's the same test I made before but with Microsoft Edge (last test used Opera, which uses the version 46 of Chromium, the one below is with the same browser as the test made with the Hi13, but with bigger browser size and use of resolution space):


You can see the resolution is almost the same as the test I made before, and yeah, Edge decreased the speed a bit indeed. However, the resolution I used is still higher than the test made by Chuwi. The latter has only 35% of pixels used in my test.

By the way, my computer has a lot of background apps running, and full of files on the hard drive, and those things make it even slower in that test, as browsers require a lot of memory. Chuwi's test was probably made with a nearly stock version of Windows 10, little to no software installed other than the built-in ones found in every computer. I have my doubts if the Hi13 will prove to be a fast tablet, as the specs like to say otherwise.

Even though I disapprove a lot of things that's been said about the Hi13, I think it will be a good tablet for me and for many people too, if they are not looking for a high-end device but something that does the job well. I bought it so I'll test it by myself when it arrives.

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I've a different concern, based on the following:

Since we have already identified the issue having the native resolution exceeds the CPU capacity, you need to wait for the manufacturer to release a modified driver or patch for your system.
You can also try to apply with Windows Insider Program to install the Windows 10 Creators Update, which I heard have the performance improved on the system.


Jose Manuel
Intel Customer Support"
-- https://forum.chuwi.com/forum.php ... 21268&fromuid=19651

That thread regards interruption of screen usage by "autorecovery" of failing situation. That is worst than some less than ideal responsiveness or smoothness.

If the CPU-GPU is being pushed over their design limits in the Hi13 as well, perhaps while using some apps (Chrome acceleration and abusive ads on important sites) on the native resolution of this screen too, could the same fundamental problem rise again without it happening to that many to get enough attention from Chuwi?

Pushing the cost down by using budget CPU-GPU, hopefully was based on correct calculations and fair stress-tests/benchmarks.

TechTablets guy adds in his youtube comments that Chuwi has done a noticably great job in tweaking the GPU in the Apollo Lake to the max, not just dedicating 600MB RAM to it, because the latter alone didn't improve other brand's use of the Apollo Lake in their devices (a YouTube comment by TechTablets guy): https://youtu.be/q4eqNhbm9aU.

Edit: clarity.

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This is the amazing tablet and I look forward and Have every feature which other company cannot provide it. ...
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