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Android Very Slow , any solutions| SOLVED without root

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Hi every one

The android still running slow .

You cant play any games on it

subway surfers runs terrible !

in the other side , most of the z8300 & z8350 devices have a smooth good android .

I personally try to use the onda v80 plus , its cheaper nearly the half but its quite better !
it was very smooth , i really surprised because of the android performance on the hibook

What i need is to find a solution for the android to make it smooth & running well

Its a common problem for a lot of users because of the 2k screen (the feature of this tablet turns into disadvantage) , and a lot of forms talked about changing the resolution or modify the android

does anyone have a solution for that ?
any possible solution ?
i really want to use android but that lagging make it useless .
I can sacrifice 2k resolution to have the good performance but i need a way to make it better !

Thank you for your support _______________________

Update : the best way to make it without root is here :


you should change the DPI and resolution , it will be much smoother but you should sucrefice the 2K things !

you can choose the HI 10 resolution with a 240 DPI

another resolution is posted below ,

aka123 Publish time 3-28-2017 17:34:38


change resolution to 1680x1050 dpi209

Ahmedallebban Publish time 3-29-2017 01:04:34

aka123 replied at 3-28-2017 17:34
http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/377884-howto-disable-dm-verity-and-root-chuwi-vi10-plus-hi10 ...

Thanks !
i found another way without root

NMir Publish time 4-22-2017 07:56:16

I would recommend Remix OS, Low Res is a pain in the eye, and Chuwi messed up Android somehow since the performance is bad even at lower resolutions.

Thunfischsalat Publish time 6-4-2017 04:17:53

Did the performance actually improved with lowering the resolution?
@NMir is there a better perfomance in REMIX? Mostly i use the tablet for Amazon Prime. Does this App work under Remix?

byzeta Publish time 6-4-2017 08:31:35

Thanks for sharing this tips!

NMir Publish time 9-27-2017 00:40:42

Thunfischsalat replied at 6-4-2017 04:17
Did the performance actually improved with lowering the resolution?
@NMir is there a better perfoman ...

RemixOS is better, still not perfect, but it's fine. I don't see why Prime shouldn't work.
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