Hackerjac Publish time 3-30-2017 04:57:46

[HiBook Pro] Windows 10 Creators Update

Hi all,
The Windows 10 Creators Update will begin to roll out to customers around the world on April 11 as a free update.
You can update you Windows 10 right now with Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. But it's much better and easier to flash new version 1703 Windows 10 with clean installation. You can use my unofficial install file now for HiBook Pro tablet.
This install file was compiled from the original Microsoft ESD file and contains:
1. clear original Windows 10 Home x64 En-US install file (build 15063.0 version 1703)with no other language packs;
2. all Chuwi HiBook Pro drivers, so touchscreen will be active at once at first Windows dialog;
3. SwitchNOW (OEM-app to switch to Android or Remix OS);

In addition, this firmware is suitable too for flashing Windows 10 with Android removal and with full cleaning and allocation of the entire eMMC drive for Windows, a special customizable option for those who wish to keep Windows on as a Single OS in their DualOS tablet.

This install file was successfully tested on the HiBook Pro DualBoot tablet with Android installed in two modes with saving and removing Android.

Preparing this install file for removing Android in DualOS tablet
If you decide to remove Android on DualOS tablet with highlighting the whole eMMC disk space under Windows or if you have previously removed Android and want to keep Windows on as Single OS you have to edit the main script file first.
1. Open the Scripts folder;
2. Right-click the Main.cmd file and select Edit;
3. Find a line set OS_Attributes=2 and change the number 2 at the end of this line to 1;
It should looks like this:
set OS_Attributes=1
4. Close the text editor window and click Save.

N.B. The process of flashing Windows with removing Android is no different above described.

Boot Menu disabling for those who removed Android and for SingleOS
1. Run the SwitchNOW application from its desktop shortcut;
2. Click No in the dialog window "Are you sure to switch to Android?";
3. Select Disable and click Exit in the Boot menu configuration window;
Reboot your tablet and make sure that Boot Menu does not appear.
You can delete the SwitchNOW shortcut now.

Thanks to motobot for for his guide, where this is stolen from.


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Simo9 Publish time 4-14-2017 12:18:32

Thanks!! It works fine! I suggest as a tutorial, the readme.zip in https://forum.chuwi.com/thread-3812-1-1.html

GeorgeJG Publish time 4-25-2017 22:48:44

Hi, I try to download but access is denied?

Hackerjac Publish time 4-26-2017 00:18:06

GeorgeJG replied at 4-26-2017 08:48
Hi, I try to download but access is denied?

just tried all links, all works from here

GeorgeJG Publish time 4-28-2017 05:37:36

I have successfully flashed Windows and Android, all in windows work fine but the touch screen in Android does not work? Any Suggestions?

Hackerjac Publish time 4-28-2017 06:51:07

GeorgeJG replied at 4-28-2017 15:37
I have successfully flashed Windows and Android, all in windows work fine but the touch screen in An ...

Does you HiBook Pro have Z8300 or Z8350 CPU ?

Phil_X Publish time 5-1-2017 17:51:39

Thanks for the rom,is it for the 8300 or the 8350?

Hackerjac Publish time 5-1-2017 22:04:21

Phil_X replied at 5-2-2017 03:51
Thanks for the rom,is it for the 8300 or the 8350?

TBH i don't know, don't have a Z8350 to test on, but i can't see why it shoulden work, seems like the only diff is the cpu on theese 2

Phil_X Publish time 5-3-2017 11:24:05

Ok i will try it on my Pro and post the results ;)

Phil_X Publish time 5-4-2017 16:41:10

Hello again,i have successfully installed the OS and everything works fine,i haven't found a single bug!
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