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The Chuwi Hi13 pictures show after the back cover is opened

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Here i will show some Chuwi Hi13 pictures after the back cover is opened. First, prepared tool:

Then start to open the Hi13 back cover

Opened the back cover of the Chuwi Hi13, we can clearly see the entire internal structure of Hi13.
The most the right side is Hi13 battery. Nearly half of the space occupied by the battery in its inside. The utilization ratio of its internal space is relatively high. Chuwi Hi13 battery total capacity is 10000 mAh, (37Wh) and support 24W quick charge. There are four AAC speakers in four corners! You can see front camera(2.0MP) and back camera(5.0MP) in the middle in the middle.

Now i will remove the motherboard

The arrow part of the figure is Hi13 processor module, Intel's new generation of Apollo quad-core processors. Equipped with new generation Intel Apollo Lake quad-core processor that is Intel's higher level CPU for 2in1 tablet in 2017, Hi13 performs more stable and efficient. Apollo Lake platform improves 50% performance compared to the previous generation processor. Plus, new Goldmont micro architecture enables more durable battery life.

(ELPIDA)4GB DDR3 Internal Storage

Samsung Flash Memory Chip
Hi13 use the samsung 64 GB flash memory chips. 64 GB capacity make Hi13 run more smoothly and load application more quickly. And it is highest support 128G memory card.

Realtek chips

Intel 802.11 AC Wireless Module

ITE Southbridge Chip

You can see all the interfaces of Chuwi Hi13. From left to right,there are 3.5 MM audio interface, micro-hdmi interface, micro-usb port, type-c interface, TF card slot.

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