jaiv Publish time 6-25-2017 10:49:47

Problem with deep sleep


I have a problem. When te tablet goes to deep sleep in android or windows, It cannot wake up again, so I should push reset button for 20 seconds. This occurs very often, so it's a BIG problem. I have flashed the lastest bios, installed lastest version of windows 10 (creators update) and lastest android, and it's the same. Also, I have already disabled in windows things like inactivity detection, hibernation, etc.

What can I do? The solution couldn't be to disable sleep because the battery drain will be huge when I am not using it.


Motobot Publish time 6-25-2017 11:01:45

Hello jaiv,
You can read my answer here.

jaiv Publish time 6-25-2017 13:32:48

Thank you motobot. Are you sure that chuwi can't fix it by a bios update? It's a hardware or a software fault? I cannot believe that chuwi sells tablets with that problem.

Motobot Publish time 6-25-2017 14:21:15

I think this is a defect of some devices rather than a common problem. But I've met complaints about this defect often.

emily Publish time 6-25-2017 23:19:35

hello, which tablet do you have?

jaiv Publish time 6-25-2017 23:54:07

I have two tablets, two Hibook pro, a z8300 and a z8350 and this problem happens to both. Could you please tell this to your engineers to look for the problem? I can give you information, do test or try some kind of beta updates (bios, drivers, etc.).

jaiv Publish time 6-26-2017 00:24:08

Edited by jaiv at 6-26-2017 07:39

I will describe what I see: On windows 10, if I push the sleep button, the tablet go to sleep. If then, without wait too much, I push again the power button the tablet wake up OK. But if I wait 1 minute or more to wake, there are three possible scenarios:- The tablet shows login screen of w10 and then a second after that appears a BSOD. This happens hardly ever.- Other scenario is when the tablet doesn't wake up. And If I push the power button for 5 seconds or so, the tablet doesn't respond. I should push the power button for 20 seconds and then MAYBE it should power on again. I say MAYBE because sometimes I should push the power button again and again and again. Sometimes I think that my tablet could be dead. And sometimes when the tablet power on, it shows the chuwi logo, then te tablet power off again, then power on again with chuwi logo, and after two or three times like that, then the tablet finally shows the OS selection menu. And It's like as the tablet reset all entire bios. - Other sceneario is when tablet go to sleep mode and after a few minutes, the tablet reboots itself without touching a key.   It's like there is a problem with the memory or the cpu or something when the tablet enter the sleep mode. Without sleep mode there's no problem. I think there's a problem with the bios version.This happens on the two tablets, z8300 and z8350. And this problem happens the 95% of the times that the tablets goes to sleep mode. And as you can see in the forums, there are more people with this problem.I have tried with the official drivers, lastest from windows update, lastest from intel... without success.So, please, let me help you to found a solution. I will cooperate with your tests.

jaiv Publish time 6-26-2017 09:05:38

Edited by jaiv at 6-26-2017 09:13

I have investigated some more and I saw something:
In bios, ACPI Settings, by default "Enable Acpi autoconfiguration" put your computer in S3 Mode with hibernation enabled. But if you run this command in a windows console as administrator:

"powercfg energy"

And then you go to c:\windows\system32\energy-report.html

You can see the following lines:

S1 Sleep Supported false
S2 Sleep Supported false
S3 Sleep Supported false
S4 Sleep Supported true
Also you can see that information running this command:

"powercfg a"

So, according with the next explanation:

S1 - Sleep

CPU is stopped. RAM maintains power. Everything else is off, or in low power mode.

S2 - Sleep

CPU has no power. RAM maintains power. Everything else is off, or in low power mode.

S3 - Standby

CPU has no power. RAM maintains power, refreshes slowly. Power supply reduces power. This level might be referred to as “Save to RAM.” Windows enters this level when in standby.

S4 - Hibernate

Power to most hardware is shut off. Any files in memory are saved to the hard disk in a temporary file. If configured, the NIC will remain on for WOL, or AoL. This level is also known as “Save to disk.”

Only hibernation is available. So, if you set "Enable ACPI Auto Configuration" to auto in bios (that enables s3 mode by default) or if you manually values to S3, always windows says that s3 is not available.

According to the options in the bios and according to the atom z8000 processor series datasheet:
https://www.intel.com/content/da ... datasheet-vol-1.pdf
S3 is supported by the SOC Z8300. So the problem is the BIOS.

That's the problem. That's why the tablets not wake up. And this should happens with all tablets with that BIOS.

As I have readed, this problem happens to other model of chuwi tablets as HI12, Hibook and maybe some others.

Could you please check this or tell to your engineers? Maybe it's a bug and they find a solution for all clients.

Thank you.

madeg Publish time 6-27-2017 03:29:51

Edited by madeg at 6-29-2017 05:49

Hm, that's really interesting. I have the same results like you (2 months old Hi12, Z8350).

Now, my big question is:
Is it a defect or a bios issue...?

If its the first I would send the tablet back. If not I would hope for a solution from Chuwi...

jaiv Publish time 6-27-2017 08:39:45

I am waiting an answer from Emily. As I have readed we are a lot of customers with a tablet faulty.
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