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Is it possible to recovery data after reinstall Windows 10?

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(Because English is not my native language, So maybe there will be some confusion in reading this thread)

Because of the screen flashing issue in Windows 10 system , i'm looking for the solution from china CHUWI official forum

After reading several official tutorial thread, I found the solution to fix the screen flashing issue

I follow the steps posted by moderator, in this steps, it says "flash the firmware", "burning process"

As I know, update firmware will not reset the OS or wipe out the data

But after reboot Windows 10, I got a clean OS and lost everything

I have tried to use Photorec, but files been recovered was not what I want

So I wonder is there any other way to restore system or recovery my data

Sorry for my poor English and I will be grateful for anyone's suggestion.

Hackerjac Publish time 8-6-2017 21:59:19

Since the tablet uses eMMC insted of HDD, i don't think its possible unfortenly

A little sidenote, well you probbelt already have figured it out, but when the Chineese talk about flashing firmware, "burning process" its always the dame as wiping the memory completely

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You may try your luck with Free data recovery software of Stellar, this software is available at free of cost and can easily recover lost data from the hard disk drive.

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Hi there!
Definitely, it's possible! Once it happened to me that I accidentally deleted very important files. Lucky fpr me, I was recommended to use https://www.cleverfiles.com/recover-deleted-files.html . It's free version can recover small files only. If you need to recover a large file, this tool will ask you to pay pretty penny
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