frankolde Publish time 8-13-2017 10:49:39

Please Help - HiBook Pro Bricket - No Screen

Hello I'm Frank from Germany.
I wanted to update my Hibook Pro (8300) and installed an Android update and then I had no Windows. I have then installed a bios update, and now the tablet has no display anymore. When switched on the LED lights up, on the Sxcreen I see a bright Streiefen and then after some time I have over the HDMI connection the Android 5.1 Screen, also the Touchsreeen is working.
Bios update is no longer possible because no display via HDMI at startup.
What else can I do? Please help me.
Greeting Frank

manonegra222 Publish time 8-13-2017 11:38:50

Everything seems to indicate that you have used an incorrect bios for your tablet or that the process did not finish well.
In order to recover it you will need to reprogram the bios by opening it and with the help of a programmer for the chip and the bios file.
I do not know the process for not having done so, but there are tutorials with links to the necessary tools.
My advice is to look for a professional in your place of residence to solve the problem.
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