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Notice to everyone!

Hi, everyone,

Have a good day!

We are very appreciate that you buy Chuwi product and support Chuwi. In order to provide a better service, Chuwi has built after-sales service station in Europe and Russia at present.
If your tablet has any problem. You can contact us first and we will deal with it for you (if it is software problem).

If we can't deal with your problems, such as hardware problem or you need change the accessories, please finish the sheet that i have attached (), and we will submit it to our after-sales service station and they will contact you and repair the tablet for you.

If it is in warranty period, any failure caused by non- human causes will be identified by our engineer that the items will be get free maintain.( Note: Chuwi maintains full rights to interpretation,for quick to identify and deal with machine problems´╝îplease provide us the clearly photos or the complete video to show the issues with your machine) . But you need to provide purchased record screenshot and order number and Pay shipping for the machine, the freight return to you should be payed by us, thank you very much.

Everyone has any after-sales problem, you can send the email to, we will reply you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards

jcabad Publish time 12-29-2016 08:07:53

Thank you for creating this section.
My Chuwy HI12 does not recognize my microsd (Samsung 65GB) several days ago. It has been working until now without any problem.
I have not changed anything.
In windows there is not way to make it work.
In Android it works if I extract the microSD and insert it again (not always).
Any idea?

alveox Publish time 1-8-2017 18:39:25

just bought hi10 plus z8350 on black friday sale via chuwi official aliexpress store. The item arrive at 30 Dec, installing app on android + windows 10 update os automaticaly until anniversary edition. After that touchscreen became error, 1-2cm area is untouchable and the rest is often not responsive. i message seller on aliexpress since 4/1 2017, no respond at all.

Today was last day of my purchase protection, i open dispute for it, then couple minute after that he respond my message and said sorry for late respond... He respond because of dispute, if i dont dispute he will remain silence (lame seller).
i asking refund to buy sparepart + shipping to my country + duty and tax + technician fee for changing the touch panel. he reject them all and propose me no refund no resend goods and no anything, he even try to bribe me to give him 5 start for a stylus... he is idiot or what?? the touchscreen is error and he try to bribe me with a stylus??? my tablet is 9 days old and its unuseable since day 4. nice job Chuwi!!!

Griever09 Publish time 12-30-2016 00:15:57

What are you going to do with Hi10 Plus tablets bricked because of wrong Bios? Official tutorial with incomplete/wrong information and now a lot of tablets dead..

elnino1981 Publish time 7-6-2018 12:14:50

I own a Chuwi Hi10 Pro. Few weeks ago my touchscreen stopped working. I tried few times reset to default settings, also I tried to flash windows and also android, but nothing worked. My hipen works well, but even after i tried many versions of touchscreen drivers, also turning off windows driver protection, touchscreen issue still persist. It looks like hardware issue, or it could be solved by some driver?

Please do let me know

Hackerjac Publish time 12-29-2016 15:34:20

Great to hear its up and running now, emily told me about it some time ago, just thought you would take longer to get it up running

alesi80 Publish time 12-29-2016 06:36:47

thank you. finally somewhere to report problems.
I just write an email about a real bad battery problem which makes my hi12 unusable. I hope I will get answers and help, because on that forum, for the same problem I got no answers.

Migual12 Publish time 12-29-2016 13:37:56

Edited by Migual12 at 12-29-2016 13:40

Great to open this thread :handshake
I have also problems that SD is not recognized in Hi12, not in Android nor in Windows. Sometimes SD is shown after bootup in both systems for a while and than it gets lost. Is there a fix for that? I have to say that Hi12 is a great tablet. I would appreciate efforts by Chuwi to overcome software issues. Thank you.

emily Publish time 12-29-2016 17:37:41

alesi80 replied at 12-29-2016 06:36
thank you. finally somewhere to report problems.
I just write an email about a real bad battery prob ...

Dear friend,
Please email to with the sheet. Thanks:)
Have a nice day!

llapo Publish time 12-29-2016 22:03:20

Hello and thanks for creating this section. My problem is that the first two months my tablet hi10 pro, has worked well, but later did not recognize the micro sd cards in windows and alginas times in android. I have tried with different brands and types of cards and it stays the same. I would be grateful if they would take into account this problem which apparently reports to several users. Thank you and waiting for an answer on the incident I send you a greeting.

casinovillain Publish time 1-2-2017 05:10:08

Hello, where is the after sales based in Europe please.

alesi80 Publish time 1-3-2017 00:34:09

emily replied at 12-29-2016 17:37
Dear friend,
Please email towith the sheet. Thanks
Have a nice day!

As I wrote here 5 days ago, I sent an email to you 5 days ago, no answer till now.
Are you waiting my warranty to expire??
please answer to that, or do not promise assistance!!!
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