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Samsung's Galaxy Book VS CHUWI Hi13

MWC 2017 is well underway in Barcelona , Samsung announced a brand new member of the Galaxy tablet family : Samsung Galaxy Book , CHUWI have launched the Hi13 at Feb. 20.

As with many products announced at MWC 2017, there is no word on price or availability from Samsung. This means we can compare the Galaxy Book with the CHUWI Hi13 only on specs currently.

Here’s how the Galaxy Book compares to the CHUWI Hi13 at a glance:

The CHUWI Hi13's screen has an aspect ratio of 3:2, and Samsung has gone for the same;
The CHUWI Hi13 has four speakers, and Samsung has gone for the same also.

It's too early to give a verdict on which of these 2-in-1s is best, but they're definitely very capable work machines, and I'd expect CHUWI hi13 with the Core M processor in the near future.

ZenBalancer Publish time 3-2-2017 02:21:03

Nice transparent initiative from the admin. To contribute to its completeness, that particular "active" (even if it gets its energy from the screen) pen (S Pen) from Samsung has about 4000 levels or so of pressure sensitivity, against about a 1000 or so from the Hipen H3 from Chuwi.

Of course the screen size and PPI, and equally important is the price difference, is a big factor in the purchasing descision. Along with which of the two passes most of the quality control"double checking" by upcoming reviews. Like palm rejection (still not sure how much of the hardware, firmware or software is responsible for it). Another factor is general stability especially with (major) Windows updates.

fretes Publish time 5-19-2017 03:31:19

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Are you trying to compare Samsung with chuwi???

Samsung doesn't sell products with a lot of defects/issues and then say to clients... Send it to China and pay for everything as well!!!!!!!!

Hackerjac Publish time 5-22-2017 12:37:26

And when did Hi13 get a Mini Display port ?, as far i know, its only Mini HDMI

Servant Publish time 9-4-2017 06:28:32

The only plus for CHUWI is 268 ppi, the other things is better in Samsung, it is obvious. Interesting, when there be 8 Android?

amichael Publish time 9-20-2017 09:54:14

Ha, basically the entire thing is better. I do also expect a price tag of around USD$1000, so obviously a comparison on only raw specs is incomplete.

Chuwbacca Publish time 11-9-2017 03:37:23

Samsung = high quality products that last a long time and they have good after sales support and service, it's very quick and easy to get devices repaired or replaced under warranty.

Chuwi = cheap crap that "may" last a year or two at most if you're lucky, and Chuwi has no after sales support or service, there is basically no warranty on Chuwi devices..

copps Publish time 11-30-2017 10:20:52

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why a compare with samsung?when in samsung models are driver problems, in short times the problems are resolved.chuwi?look the driver problem for Sdcards slot longer then 1 year the problem is still same as before.
That is the first to say buy samsung and not chuwi. I must say ist, before i was a chuwi fan, using HI12 , now after 12 times wiritten to the support of chuwi , to solve the problem 12 times no answer.Never i buy once more a chuwi tablet

SJester Publish time 12-13-2017 01:47:01

I have a 5 year old Samsung Galaxy Note 10" tablet. The SD card slot has worked reliable from day 1, still does. My HiBook Pro is a little over a year old and the SD card slot has never worked reliably. Never, ever. Why would we pay any amount of money to a company that cannot master the basics of tablet functionality? When will I buy another ChuWi? Never, ever. Will I tell anyone to consider buying one? Never, ever.

vondes Publish time 2-23-2018 03:55:45

How its work with mobile recorder on Android?
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