Techdragonz Publish time 4-1-2018 01:58:54

Earn some money :D Seriously!

Edited by Techdragonz at 4-1-2018 11:00 just launched their easy one click Bitcoin miner!
If you are looking for some monthly income to buy stuff with, this is ideal as it pays you through paypal

Download it here: CLICK HERE and tell me how much you can earn every month :)

Share your stats below :P

ZenBalancer Publish time 4-2-2018 06:08:44

Just a warning about heating issues (increased wear / decreased lifespan) of using devices for mining that are not meant for it. Even some graphic-card manufacturers started taking that into account with different measures, including lowering warranty for or excluding miners from warranty.

And given other "hidden costs" like electricity, the only "smart" or "responsible way" of mining might be with ASICS each for their specific cryptocurrency.

If you don't have the "hidden costs" in view, the stats might be totally misleading. The only one who might definitely profit are the mediators whichI assume they take a percentage of what is mined. Possibly even regardless of losses by the actual device owners.

Especially entry-level to mid-range consumer-grade devices, so virtually all of Chuwi's devices, should be spared the possibly unnecessary risks, by preventing any mental blindness by any "promising profits".

Disclaimer: I've not actually analyzed this particular site or their business model. But I think the concerns my warning is based on are totally valid.

There is precedence of blindly using (misusing) Chuwi devices for non-consumer-grade tasks/jobs, and the result is not pretty: Non-Charging Vi10 pro while turned on and connected (the title is more forgiving than its content)

Under freedom of speech and the search for smart earning models, such threads can be expected. But the result might depend more on luck, rather than skills or experienced decisions under such "quick profit schemes".

doodzilla Publish time 4-2-2018 06:48:22

how much have you earned so far and what specs are you using? haha. trying this on my gaming PC

doodzilla Publish time 4-2-2018 06:48:48

will share stats when i have them haha

doodzilla Publish time 4-2-2018 06:49:50

ZenBalancer replied at 4-2-2018 22:08
Just a warning about heating issues (increased wear / decreased lifespan) of using devices for minin ...

btw Zen B, I sent you some DM's.. about the poll results.. passed you a screenshot while i figure out how to make public that poll

ZenBalancer Publish time 4-4-2018 04:12:13

doodzilla replied at 4-2-2018 15:49
btw Zen B, I sent you some DM's.. about the poll results.. passed you a screenshot while i figure...

I have answered back at some point :)

Techdragonz Publish time 4-11-2018 03:18:53

I currently earn between 1-1.5USD a day, excl. electricity costs. But I don't need to keep those in mind as we use solar as our main overday...
This particular program isn't what I use anymore because it pays in USD and I want to be paid in BTC..So I currently use Nicehash...
Side note: I use my gaming pc which has a i7 7700K overclocked and a gtx1060 6gb.

Warranty is not really my concern, for one...How will they see I used it to mine? They wont and they will just replace the broken part if anytthing ever breaks! And by the time it breaks I will already have upgraded my part anyway...

Buying stuff like antminers or so are a complete ripoff! The company that sells them first uses them themselfes to mine while difficulty is still low and they make huge profit. Once they see the difficulty and thus their revenue going lower. They release them to the public. And hold on...Thye will only be effective for a short time because of the fact that some currency hardfork and thus rendering that antminer that can only mine a specific algo useless! Also such miners have no resale value! Better buy a gpu and when ur done with it u sell it off...

Market is not great atm, gains are low. But as of a couple of days It is still worth it! My profit x2 a week ago.

Not asking forum people to mine on their chuwi devices! It is not possible haha... they are simply to weak...

Anyhow, I understand your post.
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