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UPDATE: The Crowdfunding campaign of the Chuwi Ubook has already begun

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CHUWIUbook: a 2 in 1 Tablet PC with up to 1T Storage SpaceCHUWIUbook is about to be launched at the crowd-funding platform: Kickstarter. Now registeryour mailboxes on the CHUWI’s official website to get a 25% super early bird discountwhen it goes online.

CHUWIUbook adopts U-shaped kickstand similar to HP Spectre X2. Compared with SurfaceGo, the U-bracket of CHUWI Ubook is designed to maximize the solidness, and itsupports stepless adjustment.

It canalso be seen from the photo that CHUWI Ubook has various ports, and supportsthe Docking keyboard and Windows 10 system.

Besides,CHUWI Ubook comes with a 11.6-inch FHD screen, 8GB LPDDR3 RAM, 30.4Wh batteryand Intel® Core™ M3 processor.

Themost surprising is that CHUWI Ubook supports up to 1TB SSD expansion.Throughout the market, except Apple's iPad Pro with 1TB storage option, othermodels such as Microsoft Surface Go and HUAWEI MateBook E have only 128GB or256GB storage options.

Accordingto the official news, the lowest price of CHUWI Ubook is under $400, muchcheaper than Apple's iPad Pro.

emily Publish time 1-15-2019 17:57:54

Nice : )!

wamps Publish time 1-27-2019 16:53:46

does it charge thru USB C?

manonegra222 Publish time 1-28-2019 11:53:43

wamps replied at 1-28-2019 01:53
does it charge thru USB C?


wamps Publish time 1-31-2019 06:09:24

Email link error

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wamps replied at 1-31-2019 15:09
Email link error

I have checked and it works correctly. There is a checker to avoid automated subscription, please check if you have activated a popup blocker

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Great start to the crowdfunding campaign of the Chuwi Ubook, more than 100,000 dollars raised with more than 300 sponsors. ... thing?ref=user_menu

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About to reach the 400 sponsors, with a collection of 145,000 dollars

manonegra222 Publish time 2-2-2019 10:25:18

reached $ 188,000 with more than 500 backers

manonegra222 Publish time 2-3-2019 05:40:21

The $ 200,000 has already been reached so the keyboard and stylus free, with more than 550 backers
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