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JOIN US! BE ACHUWI AFTERSALES REPAIR PARTNER !We are looking for the Europe after-sales repair station cooperatorEspecially Spain、Poland、America、Japan are some requirements 1) have your own independent shop2) 3-5 stable repair person3)trustworthy and professional(Experience with manufacturers repairing tablets and mobile phones)4)Being capable of fixing tablet computers,laptop computers (including refreshing the soft wares and changing the hardware ect.)Maintenance projects include Detect service\software service\hardware service ect.Equipment fault diagnosis,and gives the diagnosis conclusioninstall operating system software,update drivertear down the tablet, replace the motherboard、screen、trumpet、casing and so onChuwi company will provide the technology support to disassembly and assemble the tablet)and the spare parts support,which need to be replaced under warranty.if we reach a consensus,we will sign the contractYou will be the authorized repair station of the Chuwi brand in your countrywe will through the email box and the Skype to contact,once have customers need to repair our brand tabletwe will let them send the tablet to you and you will help us repair it.according the Number of repairs,we pay the repair fees once month or once a season.If you are very suitable and have strength,Do not hesitate send us a email to this:service@chuwi.comwe will communicate in details

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how abiut Malaysia?

emily Publish time 1-20-2019 17:47:46

hkenny replied at 1-19-2019 03:06
how abiut Malaysia?


we don't need Malasia temporarily, I will notify you in time if there is an update later.
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